Say Hi to another SMH Left Wing Bigot reporter Betina Szkudlarek. This disgusting left wing bigot has blamed Australians for Muslims killing and raping innocent people. That’s right. If your daughter was raped by a muslim screaming “aussie dog” its your daughters fault. Betina Szkudlarek Left wing article can be found here if you can stomach the left wing crap. Betina Szkudlarek comes from the rape capital of the world where 1 in 4 women will be raped by a muslims stats here. And guess who is to blame? that’s right you are and not the fact that Muslims feel they can rape anyone they like.

See Our Tweet Below to this Un-Australian Traitor. Facebook Account Here

left wing extremists blames Australians for extremists muslims
left wing extremists blames Australians for extremists muslims

It gets worse. This traitorous left wing bigot is in our university’s teaching our children, its no wonder the kids of today have no loyalty to there country and we are slowly seeing a social decline. Her contact details below.


So if your raped by Muslims don’t get angry because your a racist and you deserved it. If your family are attacked by a muslim guess what? That’s right you deserved it. You have no right to get angry and you have no say at all in how our country is run or the decisions we make. This Left Wing Bigot has also attacked Geert Wilders yet won’t say one word about Islam and its disgusting treatment of anything non islamic. You will also see below that she actually blames Australians for the actions of Jihadist Muslims and that future attacks are our fault also.

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Left Wing bigots.


Michael John Beeche aka Mick Beeche – The Most hated Man in the Australian patriot movement. Murder, rape and more.

In the last 24 hours we all heard of this guy Mick Beeche and how he made wild accusations about Australia’s #1 patriot and other patriots. So who is Mick Beeche? We did some investigating and WOW we were surprised. We tried to call Mick but he just told us to fuck off. If you’d like to call him he can be reached here – 0406 351 125.

A quick search uncovered a dark past to which Mick Beeche was crying to police saying he didn’t mean to kill his mate, but Mick actaully now brags about it and tell’s people on Facebook ” I have killed people before and i got away with it”. Full article here

You can find Micks facebook profile here although he has multiple profiles

We think this photo is an older photo but you can clearly see he is an ugly prick. Stand United on his shirt whilst he back stabs patriots and hangs out with his PDLA racist drug dealer mates. The latest video of this idiot shows he has put on a few donuts and is clearly deluded. See video Here 

Mick Beeche the most hated man in the patriot movement
Mick Beeche the most hated man in the patriot movement

We also managed to contact Mick’s x – girlfriend who advised that she ended there relationship 1 year ago after Mick was attacked at there home address by a Father of a 16 year old girl who said she was raped by Mick. The girl allegedly didn’t want him charged as drugs were involved.

This Joke of a man claims to be part of the BBQ group PDLA although our sources advised he is good mates with John Abberton and Torin O’brien, both these men have histories of attacking young women.

Although this man claims to be a patriot, he and his drug dealing mates at PDLA have never actually done anything, all he does is brag that he killed someone and attack patriots that actually are active.

Mick Beeche your a disgrace to all real Australians, hang your head in shame.


Dave Sharp – Traitor and Wanker of the year and paedophile supporter.

We received a photo last night, see below. Here we have a man who calls himself Dave Sharp, Maybe not so sharp.

Firstly he was NOT Australian of the year. And it seems Dave Sharp doesn’t know what being Australian is, as his post targets Shermon AKA The Great Aussie Patriot, and tells Shermon he doesn’t know what being Australian is. Well Dave we don’t speak for Shermon but we can tell you what being Australian isn’t.

Dave Sharp insults Australia
Dave Sharp insults Australia
  1. It isn’t supporting a paedophile.
  2. It isn’t supporting terrorism.
  3. It isn’t supporting Sharia Law.
  4. It isn’t supporting a tax on our food because of a religion.
  5. It isn’t supporting Female Genital Mutilation or child brides.
  6. It isn’t supporting Islam.

We could continue on but i think if we did you still wouldn’t get the picture. Dave you also claim you gave credit to this country.. In my opinion, and i think many others like the 20,000+ Australians that support Shermon and Australia, that you actually do not give anything credibility, not even your mum. We are not sure if that’s your home address and if it is well tuff luck for you.

We are having police murdered in cold blood and women gang raped by muslims and all Dave cares about is his bike. His profile is full of post after post of bikes and how the laws for bikes should be changed. Get your head out of the sand Dave. Calling a man scum for standing up against Islam, we are wondering is Dave Sharp in fact a muslim? does Dave want Multiple child brides? is Dave a paedophile?

daves2 daves1

The Muslim Appeasing Project, Channel 10, and its hate for Australia and love for all things Islam.

After a successful protest held by the United Patriots Front in Bendigo, for those that attended it is becoming more and more obvious that the majority of our Media are left wing bigots. Lets take a look at the project and specifically Peter Helliar. Below are screenshots of a video that was aired and all its Islamic supporters commenting below. The Project tried to make fun of a chant at the protest which was “What do we want, NO MOSQUES, when do we want it, NOW”.

The project tried to belittle the people in the video and using a form of what I call “Media Bullying” by left wing bigots, they tried to say there is no mosque. The Mosque has been approved, the people do not want this so they are saying they want it unapproved, and now. But there are hundreds of these disgusting Mosque’s all over Australia and the Australian people are clearly at a boiling point that the media refuses to talk about.

Just like they refuse to talk about the Muslims that attacked a Bendigo resident with a knife. But Peter Helliar is no stranger to being a left wing bigot, he has openly attacked Jesus on his twitter account, see here

Peter Helliar makes crude remarks about Jesus

But Peter won’t say a word about Mohammed the paedophile from Islam, especially when his Islamic terrorist supporting mate Waley Islam Mohammed is sitting next to him laughing.

After looking at the comments on the clip it was very clear the majority were in fact Muslims. Maybe this is why they want more in the country, so that they can feel special. Peter Helliar makes frequent public outings and we would recommend to any Australian to confront him on this and tell him what you think. Tell Him that he is a grub, Un-Australian Far left wing bigot. Or maybe Peter should go to an Islamic country and see what freedoms he has there.


mosp2 Mosp3

Adam Commerford – Left Wing Bigot supports violent “No Room For Racism” & Antifa. Have a look at what he has posted.

After the weekends protests in Bendigo and all around Australia it seems most eyes are on the United Patriots Front. Using Truth as their sword the turnout from what I have seen was huge. The left wing again showed up and attacked people on the streets which was largely unreported by media.

Today we came across Adam Commerford. See Below

We have contacted Bendigo Police and spoke to Senior Constable Randall who said he didn’t care about it.

Bendigo Police can be contacted on (03) 5448 1300

If you have more info about this man please let us know.

Threatens to put people in body bags.
Threatens to put people in body bags.

adam1 adam2 adam3 adamf