Jodie Gray – Left Wing Bigot says you must make friends with someone not in your community.






We came across Jodie and her post on The Great Aussie Patriot page (above).

Funny thing is when we explored Jodie’s page she is not friends with any other community. So lets see what Jodi is talking about.

Firstly Jodi Gray is supporting Gay Pride see below, but she says nothing about Muslims and Islam killing gays. Or anything about the new Muslim party in Australia that has come out and publicly said they will have no gays in its party.


And Jodi if this is you below in a self portrait thanks for not showing your face. But just an FYI if you were in an Islamic community you would be stoned to death or jailed for this picture. Maybe you should spend some time getting to know these “communities” you speak of.


We have a collection below of other posts from this Left Wing Bigot who seems to think that Roller Derby names is a cause more important than any others.


jodi6 jodi5 jodi4 jodi3

Jodie is also one of those Lefty anti immunisation bigots. If your all for choice why don’t we have a choice who comes to this country Jodie? YOU ARE A BIGOT.


Go save your tree Jodie you bigot and whilst your at it, piss off to an Islamic country.






Franziska Hagan – Left Wing Bigot out of School knows everything when she actually knows nothing. Uneducated Left Wing bigot

Franziska decided to come to our page and start abusing people on our page. The typical Left Wing bigot trying to proclaim they know everything when in fact they know nothing.

First this hateful little bigot called us ignorant small brained people and talked about how small ISIS is, she doesn’t mention at all the 100,000 people murdered by ISIS. She doesn’t mention the last 1400 years of violence in the name of Pisslam aka ISLAM. Franziska also shows her supreme bigotry on referring to Muslims as a minority however knows nothing about how minorities are treated in Islamic countries. Here is a list of the bigots posts on our page.Screenshot_2015-11-25-21-24-59

When faced with facts the left wing bigot starts to say we are preaching hate. Yet we went through her whole page and she says nothing about the Islamic hate preachers in Australia. She says nothing about the terrorists attacks anywhere for that matter. She is only worried about her muslim mates.

Screenshot_2015-11-25-21-25-33 Screenshot_2015-11-25-21-25-37 Screenshot_2015-11-25-21-25-45

Here Franziska makes a cartoon of Jesus but yet she supports islam and muslims trying to kill people that make cartoons of Muhammed.


And of course she watched Waleed Aly the Islamic left wing terrorist. But no doubt she is still too stupid to have noticed that Waleed Aly has never actually condemned sharia law and certain extremist actions.


Here she thinks ISIS are not going to try and infiltrate other countries. I assume this bigot doesn’t give a shit about the people murdered by ISIS in France.


Fraziska the bigot doesnt care there has been over 27000 terrrorists attacks since 9/11…. Or maybe she just doesnt care. And just an FYI Franziska Hagan, 7% of Germany were Nazi’s, how did that turn out?  And are you trying to justify the murderous cult of today by actions of murderers 100’s of years ago? If you are then you are a bloody idiot.


And if it didnt get worse Franziska is also trying to stick up for gay people (just like a typical brain dead ignorant left wing bigot) but she says nothing about Islams treatment of gay people, nothing about the new muslim party saying they will not take gay people.

f5 f6

Does this guy know you are a left wing Bigot?





Zach Stammers – Provides your info to the left wing bigots but its his info and his dog’s that you need to know.



Meet Zach Stammers, this disgusting piece of left wing trash attacks women, posts there naked pics online and yes has even bashed women. Abducted children and worse. He makes friends with people using fake profiles and feeds the info to the left.

Zach Stammers –  With the Dog he rode in on Sarah Follers


I wonder if Sarah knows your on tinder Zach

Tinder Slut whilst he is dating Sarah??
Tinder Slut whilst he is dating Sarah??

With a face like that your no slut trust me. How does your father feel about it?




Looks like he doesn’t care. His son is a women basher and dating a girl that likes muslims. Oh i hope you knew Zach

zs2 zs3


More to come on these idiots




What Will people learn from France? Left Wing Bigots are already feeling sorry for Muslims as more people die in hospital.

To all the trendy people running a Tricolor picture thinking you are making a stand or a statement you are joking. You criticize people for protesting against Islam and you think I’m silly for going to rally’s. But until YOU acknowledge that Islam is the problem and actually make a stand against Islam, You are part of the problem. Wake the fuck up while u worry about the Kardashians ass, your power bills, or whatever else u think matters, the bigger problems are coming closer and closer everyday. Stand up now or otherwise don’t say a word when things start happening here. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
France has had a problem for a long time, they gave the Muslims everything, build mosques by the 100’s, do what you like under the guise of “cultural diversity” and ” political correctness”.
The muslim does not like you, does not care for you and certainly doesn’t respect you. The end game is clearly written. its not a surprise its no trojan horse. Open your fucking eyes, stop being so blind or ignorant and stand up for you Kin. Otherwise shut the fuck.up and step aside and let those of us with the intestinal fortitude to handle what needs to be done, do what must happen for the future of the country and our children.

rt1 mhrt

Loz Daath – Left Wing extremist your parents must be proud. It might be some of Joshua’s BAT SHIT CRAZY

Say Hello to Left Wing bigot Loz Daath, i am lost for words with this bigot as im sure you will be.

She made a video about reclaim.

[wpvideo kmelNdWN]

Her is another person who is not upset about the murder of Christians or the cowards of islam that attack our police. She is upset over a pamphlet and reclaim. I guess when you look like this you would hate the world.

Naturally she knows not the first thing about Islam and doesn’t care about its effects on our country and the attacks on innocent people and our police.

I’m not going to say much more because in this case a picture says a thousands words.

No Loz Daath they aren’t, have you heard of Tattoo shops? I assume you haven’t after looking at your tattoo’s.

loz2 loz3 loz4

Anwyn Connors – Left Wing Bigot Communist. Fraudulently getting money from the Salvation Army, A special kind of stupid within the left wing nazi bigots.

Say a big Hello to Left Wing Bigot Nazi Hippy drugo Anwyn Connors. Anwyn finds Reclaim Events Offensive. But what she doesnt find offensive are Islamic terrorists or those nice guys that just want to kill everyone non Islamic. Here she is complaining about an event on Reclaim Canberra. It has the potential to be harmful? But she says nothing about those nice Hizb Ut Tahrir guys that just want Sharia law in Australia and to cut off the heads of anyone who insults islam.

But Lets investigate Anwyn Connors a bit further.


Anwyn thinks its cool to smoke in non smoking area’s. “Stick it to the system?” And no these people don’t have jobs. This is the level of mentality of these people, no wonder they think a religion is a race.


Lets take some money off the Salvation Army fraudulently, who cares about the homeless hey Anwyn Connors.


Medication ? Well 1 is vitamin C and the other Vitamin E. Maybe the others you should stop taking as its fucking you up.


Maybe they were hoping you would die Anwyn. With a dirty thing like you i know i would.


Here we are all not working taking drugs and the tax payer is paying. And if you don’t like it your racist.

an7 an8 an9 an10 an11 an12 A111

JOSHUA CHAMBERLAIN – Stop Touching me there & Where is Kendall Concreting? We know and will share with you

Firstly lets start with a meme about Mr Joshua Chamberain. First it was 17 year old Carly, last name withheld by request of the poor girl. ( Yes Joshua we are in contact with her)

Now its little kids. Your a slime-bag and a pervert.


Now lets move onto Kendall Concreting. Now i know your “Bat Shit” crazy so you wont care if we share your employers details as you have already mentioned in your “Bat Shit” crazy mode that you are going to target patriots employers. Here is Kendall Concreting address and phone number. 0402 923 957

Kendall Concreting Address and phone number
Kendall Concreting Address and phone number

And From Google Maps

Kendall Concreting Address
Kendall Concreting Address

Now Joshua just 1 more thing, you can put a banana on shit its still shit. So stop trying to dress up with the clothes you stole from the Salvation army which are obviously too small for you.

I'm a looser
Your an Idiot 

More to come………..

Joshua Chamberlain UPDATE.

Today we broke the story in regards to this violent bigot extremist threatening people and peoples families. We were advised he worked at Pavers World when in fact he was fired from that Job over a month ago and now works for Kendall Concreting.


Here is a Left Wing Bigot in action



Joshua Chamberlain – Left Wing Racist Bigot attacks anyone who doesn’t love pedophiles and Islam. Attacks Lady and her mum and more, why?

Over the last few weeks we have spent some time investigating Joshua Paul Chamberlain. His threats of violence at numerous people have been applauded by the left wing and there Islamic terrorist friends. It seems Joshua has a past that he would prefer stay quiet but our sources advised that 5 Years ago Joshua was in fact charged with Sexual Offences, these were – Forcing himself on a girl who was 17 at the time and 1 rape however he escaped Jail when the woman didn’t want to stand up in court. Is this why he likes Islam so much? Seeing that women are treated so well in Islam maybe this is why Joshua Chamberlain is fighting so hard to protect them.

Joshua also likes to play the race card whilst he uses aboriginals as a pawn in his left wing bigotry and violent rants. We have spoken with a few aboriginal friends who are now sharing around this picture and advising the community what this man is doing.

Joshua Chamberlain using aboriginals for his own gain.
Joshua Chamberlain using aboriginals for his own gain.

This idiot first came to our attention when we were sent a video he made threatening patriots. His page is here

In the video he made below he threatens people and advises his left wing bigot audience that he is “bat shit crazy”. The violent rant goes for a few minutes and if you can stand to watch the whole clip you can clearly see he is on drugs.

Joshua Chamberlain Bat shit head bat shit mental bat shit left wing bigot
Joshua Chamberlain Bat shit head bat shit mental bat shit left wing bigot

Joshua has made threats to contact people’s employers to get them fired, this wouldn’t be harassment would it? Because if you are not left wing bat shit crazy or an Islamic extremists then you don’t deserve a job according to this uneducated moron. So for everyone out there here is where Joshua works. see below. Feel Free to contact his employer below


His supporters are mainly Left Wing Extremists and also Islamic extremists. Asim Zulfiqar as you can see below has actually made comments previously about Australian becoming an Islamic country. Great supporters to have.


Below you can see comments from a post where Students were being taken to a Mosque. Neil Erikson made a post about this as it concerned parents and the community, i know when i went to a catholic school i was not taken to a Mosque and nor would i want to. 2 Left Wing Bigots commented so we did some checking and Neither actually did or do go to that school. Again Left Wing Bigot Lies. Jordan Taylor profile cannot be located and Mitchell Conlan is a liar.


Below are 2 comments i would like to bring to your attention. Firstly the one from Mike Holt. Well Done.

Second Craig MacPherson, who magically had vanished from Facebook. Craig wants to give money to Mosques. Don’t worry about our homeless Craig or our veterans, you go help those Muslims that want to kill everyone non Islamic.


Below you have more threats from this Left Wing sexual predator.

7Here he targets a lady and the ladies mother. The disgusting and vile comments from this putrid racist just shows you what sort of person he is.
6 5 3

Last but not Least we have this idiot praying to Allah at a Mosque. So are you in fact a muslim Joshua and just after some young brides? Or is it the treatment of women in Islam that attracts you?

In my opinion this man is worse than a traitor to Australia. He has not only sold out himself and his country but he is prepared to use Aboriginal people in the process and sell you and everyone else to Islam and Allah.


Introducing the IMCR- Australia. A collection of msg’s the Australian Police have chosen to ignore.

Below you will find a small collection of msg’s sent to us from people on Facebook. The people that have received these comments all have one thing in common, they are all Australian. White, Black , Yellow and Brown the hate that is directed at them is from Muslims in Australia.

Even worse is that these msg’s have all been reported to police and not 1 person has been charged. My recommendation for anyone receiving these msg’s is to arm yourself and be prepared for anything as the police are not helping at all. But don’t you dare say anything about islam or they will arrest you.

First is Najla Ghany Facebook Profile here

muzzthreat muzzthreat2


We Will not add anymore here. Instead we will be working in conjunction with I.M.C.R – Islamic Muslims Crime Register Australia

See Page Here

Email to