defending terrorists as disabled people are slaughtered by Muslims, so quick to defend Islam and show just how vile and bigoted they really are.

Jason Tricky and his disgusting wench are at it again. This time as disabled people have been slaughtered by Muslims here they are at the first chance they get trying to defend islam and not a care in the world for the dead people.

If you dont recall Jason Trickey, he is the 3 time women basher who runs and he supports Sharia law so he can legally beat up more women.

Here is their left wing spew below, lets go through this.

  1. The UPF is led by Blair Cottrel who has repeatedly stated he has no nazi ties and has been seen with Jews and Blacks and asian and everyone else, but continue to call him a nazi and they associate with people like the Socialist Alliance who have been charged for Anti-semantic attacks on students at University in Sydney.
  2. Shermon has no ties with Nazi’s either and also has consistently stated that.
  3. Islam supported Hitler and vice versa.
  4. The story has been confirmed they were Muslims
  6. And yes you are fucking idiots and care nothing for the disabled people these bastard terrorists killed. All they care about is Defending islam


Cronulla was not a race riot Islam is not a race you fucking idiot.

Here we have Reg Carmody talking about another mans dick.

We Paul Ryan saying lady who happens to be jewish should take drugs. Thats sounds racists and possibly a NAZI like to me.

They also seem to think all articles are written by 1 person which is very amusing.


Here is Jason Trickey’s partner, the one he hasn’t bashed yet.

We also did a story on her awhile ago, you can see it here

This Cow works as a prostitute and goes by a few different names. We know her as



Here the Left Wing bigot Blames Shermon & Ralph for the article and says they are trying to whip up hate?

A tad confused here, this bigot seems to not care at all about the dead disabled people, and any normal person would naturally be angry that cowards have attacked disabled people. I guess these Muslim lefty bigots just don’t care, just don’t insult Islam.


Funny they come to the defence of Muslims and Islam and say don’t judge all muslims but the actions of a few. But if they see 1 nazi then everyone is a nazi. These left wing bigots are the scum of the earth. are nothing but social Nazi’s and bigots and racists.