Say Hello to a famous troll Pete Smith. Pete Smith is a close friend of the former Anti Bogan writer and now convicted Pedophile Alex Gollan – Source

If you have been attacked by these vile man please email us 

Together these men would attack patriots on-line, call their place of work and harass peoples wives and even children. As we all know now Alex Gollan especially likes the children. Pete Smith FB Profile

Pete Smith lives in Balmian, a very rich area. Not much diversity in this area is there Pete? We did have a picture and his address but Pete complained and got it removed. But Pete loves posting your address online. Anyone who would like to contact Pete please let us know.


Pete Likes to fly around the world in first class and sip champagne whilst he attacks every day patriots and telling Australians we need to take more rapefugees.

p2p4p5p6pp7p8p9p10p12p14p15 defending terrorists as disabled people are slaughtered by Muslims, so quick to defend Islam and show just how vile and bigoted they really are.

Jason Tricky and his disgusting wench are at it again. This time as disabled people have been slaughtered by Muslims here they are at the first chance they get trying to defend islam and not a care in the world for the dead people.

If you dont recall Jason Trickey, he is the 3 time women basher who runs and he supports Sharia law so he can legally beat up more women.

Here is their left wing spew below, lets go through this.

  1. The UPF is led by Blair Cottrel who has repeatedly stated he has no nazi ties and has been seen with Jews and Blacks and asian and everyone else, but continue to call him a nazi and they associate with people like the Socialist Alliance who have been charged for Anti-semantic attacks on students at University in Sydney.
  2. Shermon has no ties with Nazi’s either and also has consistently stated that.
  3. Islam supported Hitler and vice versa.
  4. The story has been confirmed they were Muslims
  6. And yes you are fucking idiots and care nothing for the disabled people these bastard terrorists killed. All they care about is Defending islam


Cronulla was not a race riot Islam is not a race you fucking idiot.

Here we have Reg Carmody talking about another mans dick.

We Paul Ryan saying lady who happens to be jewish should take drugs. Thats sounds racists and possibly a NAZI like to me.

They also seem to think all articles are written by 1 person which is very amusing.


Here is Jason Trickey’s partner, the one he hasn’t bashed yet.

We also did a story on her awhile ago, you can see it here

This Cow works as a prostitute and goes by a few different names. We know her as



Here the Left Wing bigot Blames Shermon & Ralph for the article and says they are trying to whip up hate?

A tad confused here, this bigot seems to not care at all about the dead disabled people, and any normal person would naturally be angry that cowards have attacked disabled people. I guess these Muslim lefty bigots just don’t care, just don’t insult Islam.


Funny they come to the defence of Muslims and Islam and say don’t judge all muslims but the actions of a few. But if they see 1 nazi then everyone is a nazi. These left wing bigots are the scum of the earth. are nothing but social Nazi’s and bigots and racists.



Adam Commerford – Left Wing Bigot supports violent “No Room For Racism” & Antifa. Have a look at what he has posted.

After the weekends protests in Bendigo and all around Australia it seems most eyes are on the United Patriots Front. Using Truth as their sword the turnout from what I have seen was huge. The left wing again showed up and attacked people on the streets which was largely unreported by media.

Today we came across Adam Commerford. See Below

We have contacted Bendigo Police and spoke to Senior Constable Randall who said he didn’t care about it.

Bendigo Police can be contacted on (03) 5448 1300

If you have more info about this man please let us know.

Threatens to put people in body bags.
Threatens to put people in body bags.

adam1 adam2 adam3 adamf

Ezekiel Ox – No Room For Racism attack Aboriginal Man and incite violence

Last weekend seen a protest in Bendigo held by the UPF and supported by the ADL against a Mosque to be built. The corruption that is emanating from the council is astonishing, with reports that up to 3/4 of the town do not want the Mosque. Major Cox and his left wing bigot councillors are dictating to the town of Bendigo and the Bendigo Advertiser is only too happy to spew its left wing bigotry and lie to the general public.

So what did these left wing bigots support? They supported a group called “No Room for Racism”. The group showed up to Bendigo and started attack locals who were having a coffee and basically anyone they deemed to be a “Nazi”


Another Left Wing violent Bigot.

Mates with Lyndon and Leader of the “No Room For Racism” Violent Left Wing Bigots of the day, Alan Davies.

Here Alan is yelling out in a peaceful way “If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be fucked” Watch it here

No Room For Racism Violent Left Wing Bigot
No Room For Racism Violent Left Wing Bigot

Alan likes to make up napkins to spur up hatred to suit his Antifa Left Wing Anti Australian views, lets write something on a napkin Alan and say you found it.

No Room for racism violent bigot
No Room for racism violent bigot

Alan Davies and his violent thug mob supported by Stephen Jolly and Mel Gregson. Cr Jolly can be contacted on 0437856713 or at this left wing social thug and bigot actually uses your tax dollars to fund his violent Antifa mates. They say they support Aboriginal communities and even scream its not our land to reclaim. SO what do they do on the protest day? They attack an Aboriginal man. This is not about race and it never has been. This is simple Left Wing Socialist Scum, with there drug infected Antifa mates, attacking any patriot Australia regardless of skin colour or country of origin. Watch Video Here 

Alan Davies Violent left wing bigot
Alan Davies Violent left wing bigot
Alan Davies Violent left wing bigot
Alan Davies Violent left wing bigot

Alan Davies teaching a kid below to vandalise public property and become a violent left wing thug like him. Great role model you are Alan.

Alan Davies Violent left wing bigot
Alan Davies Violent left wing bigot
Alan Davies hates police
Alan Davies hates police i bet you would be the first to run to them when your bashed.

Jason Edward Trickey Part 2 & The Violent Cow he rode in on Serrefa Safira. Violence Orders, Animal Cruelty and Drugs OMG!!!!

Jason Trickey and his violent bigot of a Girlfriend Serrefa Safira. We spoke with the authorities in Melbourne who advised us Jason Trickey is very well-known to them. He is a serial pest who has a Herion problem and also has fallen to the Ice epidemic. We were advised he pleaded “mental disorder” due to frequent drug use and was given a section 10 and required to attend a rehab center,  they wish he would leave town. However he is so used to stalking so many people he starts thinking everyone is stalking him, (get off the drugs Jason). Below is an order taken out against Jason Edward Trickey by 1 person who asked to rename anonymous. It is alleged Jason has been targeting this individual who actually doesn’t have anything or want anything to do with Jason Trickey. Jason Trickey has posted pictures of Men and even children online for harassment and is harassing so many people, i doubt he can keep up with who is who. We were advised this was served on Jason Trickey by police but that he did not attend court.

Jason also runs the Page Below with over 23,000 people on it and he also uses this to target individuals and his favourite target is vulnerable women. 1 women contact us after last nights story and advised she was contacted by the “Geelong” page and eventually started talking to Jason. He started asking for naked pictures and even sent pics of his genitalia in devices to her. When she tried to cut it off he harassed her to the point she contacted police and an order was placed against Jason back in 2012. The court action Jason is referring to is actually 2 days ago, I assume he has woken from his drug induced slumber and realised after this post what day it is. Link to the page here

Jason Trickeys Geelong.
Jason Trickeys Geelong.

As we dug into Jason’s past we found his failed business’s and all these great titles that he in fact has given himself. Gavin Oliver is actually his children’s names.

Jason2 jason2.1

Well the story only continues for Jason and we are still getting more info about this vile man and his Women bashing and stalking and drug use. Then we found that Jason has a partner, what sort of person would be with a man like this? Meet Serrefa Safira Jasons Trickey’s partner and left-wing bigot and racist . Serrefa Safira hates White people (i guess im going colour blind as she looks white) oh no am i racist? HAHAHAHA she also hates anything that’s democratic, she does love horses though if you go by her Facebook page. But Serrefa Safira has actually been fined by the RSPCA for cruelty to animals. This disgusting left-wing racist bigot is probably a perfect match for her three-time women bashing stalking drug taking anti Australian boyfriend.

Serrefa Safira Violent animal abusing left wing bigot
Serrefa Safira Violent animal abusing left wing bigot

Details from this left-wing Bigots page she describes herself as a Muse (cough cough) and says she is an animal rights activist but yet loves riding horses and has even been fined for cruelty to animals. The hypocrisy is amazing. Also an Anarchist. So a burden on society that wants you to pay for everything whilst she sits and does nothing. 
jason3 jason2.9

Yes I’m sure these Horses above love being rode around and around, especially by (heavy) people.

The Below picture it seems White people are bad but white horses are ok! Oh and I’m sure all these horse love being locked up



This event she is referring to is actually a protest by mums and dads at the EDL in England.

Left Wing Scum attack EDL in England


This is Jason and his Serrefa Safira girlfriend and what she thinks is an ideal crowd. This is what these left wing bigots want

We still have hundreds of more emails and msg’s about these 2 bigots and more is coming in even now as I write this story. I want to thank everyone that have contributed to this story and assisting us verify all of it. We will be making another story for this Left Wing Bigot. Another Left Wing Violent Bigot Exposed……

Reg Carmody & Sharon Blick Far Left Wing Violent extremists attacking Freedom of speech. Online Bully left wing Bigot.

Say Hi to Reg Carmody, online left wing bully and Far Left Wing Bigot. Reg Likes to Harass women online and supports online bully

These people are responsible for posting pictures of children and making disgusting comments about children. Reg is part of the Hate group that hate Australia and supports the violent, drug induced Antifa group that attack old women on the streets. These disgusting people spit at police and even pick up horse shit to throw at people they don’t agree with. They call our Anzacs murderers and support radical islam. Be proud Reg of your left wing bigotry and your wife must be proud, does she know you harass people online?


Left Wing Bigot and online bully
Left Wing Bigot and online bully


Partner of Reg Carmody Left Wing Bigot and owner of alot of facial hair
Partner of Reg Carmody Left Wing Bigot and owner of alot of facial hair
Reg Carmody and the Far Left Wing Bigots and extremists
Reg Carmody and the Far Left Wing Bigots and extremists
Left Wing bigot starts harassing business
Left Wing bigot starts harassing business

Beau Donelly – Not all Muslims are terrorists but 1 Nazi and everyone is a Nazi? Left Wing Bigot reporter exposed.

Beau Donelly is another Left Wing Bigot from The Left Wing “Age” newspaper. Beau’s recent article which took our attention is here

Say Hi to Beau, left-wing bigot reporter was last living in Hawthorn in Melbourne. He currently still resides in Melbourne. Journalist at The Age. Twitter –

Beau Donelly - left wing bigot
Beau Donelly – left-wing bigot

But whats this? Here we have it again,, they can try to say what they want about a mobile icon and fake msg’s but we know the truth and our source is 100%. People are waking up to your left-wing lies and your associates are going down with you and your lies. And it also seems that the Violent Left Wing Bigot Stephen Jolly is actually associated with your left-wing anti-Australian views. exposed again. Violent Left Wing Bigot Stephen Jolly also implicated exposed again. Violent Left Wing Bigot Stephen Jolly also implicated

Beau see’s 1 Nazi and says that a whole organisation known as the UPF is now following Hitler and they are all Nazi’s. But don’t say anything about Islam because you will be racist ? That’s right isn’t it Beau ? So 1 Nazi and everyone is a Nazi but 20’000 + terrorist attacks and not every muslim is a terrorist and Islam is peaceful ?

So we did some more digging on Mr Donelly and it appears he doesn’t like it when people fact check his stories or do any fact checking himself, so we did it for him. Below you can clearly see Beau’s mates saying they plan to stop free speech and democracy by force. Beau doesn’t see this though. But why ?

Beau Donelly doesnt look at the left wing or do any fact checking
Beau Donelly doesn’t look at the left-wing or do any fact checking.

Here is Beau telling someone on twitter to stop fact checking his stories.

Beau Donelly - stop fact checking, maybe you should start Beau.
Beau Donelly – stop fact checking, maybe you should start Beau.

Here is Beau encouraging Drink Driving and taking photo’s of people and posting them online.

Beau Donelly says drink drive and your ok.
Beau Donelly says drink drive and you’re ok.

Beau Donelly also likes to use his position at The Age to attack his electricity provider over a $60+ bill

Uses his position to intimidate his electricity provider.
Uses his position to intimidate his electricity provider.

So here we have a so-called Journalist attacking an organisation because of 1 photo and labelling everyone a Nazi that follows it. Yet he says nothing about the left-wing violence and the left-wing corruption of his counterparts. The truth is coming out and Australians have had enough of the Left WIng Media and its lies.

We contacted Beau for a comment and he declined to comment.

Patrick Hatch – Lies, guns, death threats, stalking and more. Left Wing Bigot works at the age, his online friends include far left wing extremists

Say Hi to Patrick Hatch. His twitter account is here Patrick Hatch Works as a left wing bigotted Journalist  @theage, @BusinessDay and @FinancialReview.

Patrick likes to make up stories about people and politics, these stories include just recently a dangerous story about Guns in public and public safety. Patrick did no investigations into the validity of some outrageous and dangerous claims nor did he investigate the source of these accusations. So we did. After our investigation it didn’t take us long to expose these left wing bigots. Patrick you should be sacked. False accusations about people bringing Guns to a rally and more and the whole time you knew. and the web of lies, incitement and more and the web of lies, incitement and more

It seems and Patrick know each other well and they have used him to spew their hatred and left wing lies and he has used them to sprew his hatred against Australians.

We spoke to UPF and here is our questions and their answers;

Question 1 – You pleaded guilty to harassing a rabbi in April 2014. Why did you commit these crimes?

Reply – It was my intention to create an online comedy podcast, it certainly backfired. Perhaps I underestimated the sensitivity of that particular individual. I was looking at 10 years in prison for a phone call.

Question 2 – Why did you appear in a video with Jim Salem, who has a history of associating with the Nazi party and was convicted of organising an attack with a shotgun on a member of the African National Congress in 1989?

Reply – Salem is a member of this Nation. He ardently denies his involvement in any shotgun attack and I am not in the habit of judging people I hardly know.

Question 3 – Why has the United Patriots Front pledged solidarity with Golden Dawn, a group that has its roots as a violent neo-Nazi organisation?

Reply – I was not aware that Golden Dawn as you say has in roots in violent neo-nazism. If Golden Dawn has been violent in the past then I could only assume they have decided to do what the far-Left Communist gangs have always done.

Question 4 – When considering these facts together, is it possible to come to any conclusion other than that the UPF is an extreme racist and neo-Nazi group?

Reply – You and anybody may come to whatever conclusion you wish regarding our movement, we have one goal we will pursue to whatever end – to resurrect the Aussie spirit and smash the far-Left fear which has held it down for too long.

This is what actual reporting is Patrick Hatch. Not going to your left wing mates at and putting pictures of people’s children up and pictures of people’s homes encouraging muslims to attack them.

I hope everyone emails Fairfax legal here and forward this to them. (03) 8661 1176

Patrick Hatch it’s time to tell the truth.

Robert Narai – admin. Posts pictures of children, hates our Anzacs and he is a violent left wing bigot.

Say hello to 1 of the admins Robert Narai. I assume after exposing him he will fix his mistake so i have recorded it here for everyone to see.

You can add multiple emails to your Facebook account. As anyone would know you cannot add an email without verifying it. These cowards sit behind keyboards and harass people online and spew their violent left-wing bigot views across the country. Robert is not only a liar but a pro communist bigot. He harass’s people at University in Melbourne and has been caught making racist remarks about Israel. Further down you will see Robert and his disgusting views about our Anzacs and calling Australia Day Invasion Day. Keep a look out for this putrid thing at Melbourne Rally’s.

Robert Narai obsessed with Nazi’s and hates gay people . Insults gay community
Robert Narai and communist supporters.
Robert Narai and communist supporters.
ROBERT NARAI - Vile left wing bigot and racist
ROBERT NARAI – Vile left wing bigot and racist
Robert Narai associates with ANTIFA - Violent left wing bigots and drug users.
Robert Narai associates with ANTIFA – Violent left wing bigots and drug users.
This is from Roberts page. He is more concerned with protecting islam then worrying about the 100,000 + christians isis have killed
This is from Roberts page. He is more concerned with protecting islam then worrying about the 100,000 + christians isis have killed
Pushing his left wing views at Uni. These people should be removed from Universities.
Pushing his left wing views at Uni. These people should be removed from Universities.

Here Robert is with a vile girl with a “Fuck Tony Abbott” Shirt on. These people should be removed from the University.

Robert Narai - insults the anzacs that died for our country
Robert Narai – insults the anzacs that died for our country
Encouraging Palestine violence
Encouraging Palestine violence
Robert Narai - and his vile sister
Robert Narai – and his vile sister
Left WIng bigot
Left WIng bigot
No Robert it is Australia Day
No Robert it is Australia Day


The Face of Left Wing Violent Bigots – Omar Hassan, leading the rise of Far Left Extremism and Violence and Radicalising students at UTS Sydney and Sydney University

Sydney University allow this man to infect your children at Sydney University

Here he is with a baby saying ” WEE WEE JUMP ON THE ZIONIST FACE”

[wpvideo KngX2G6v]



Link to FB Video


In our effort to expose the Violent Left Wing Bigots we have been provided information about Left Wing Bigot Omar Hassan. After investigations we uncovered Omar Hussan and his use of Sydney University’s facilities to promote violence and racism. They are also currently under investigation for attacking a Jewish student on campus.

The face of socialism and violent extremism in our universities.
The face of socialism and violent extremism in our universities.

In sydney our streets have been plastered in this mans socialism posters and so called “anti racism” propaganda. Vandalising suburbs with his disgusting views about our country and openly attacking anyone who opposes them. Here we start seeing what Omar is doing at Sydney University. The Socialist Alternative have been de-registered but are still using the university to infect students minds. See here for more on the attacks

Using Sydney University facilities to promote this disgusting propaganda
Using Sydney University facilities to promote this disgusting propaganda



Arent students supposed to be learning at University? The parents of these 2 left wing bigots must be ashamed and someone has to ask the University why they are allowing this on campus. There are clear rules against this conduct and you can help by sending an email here and reporting this and demand answers.

Here Omar is again teaching your children his far left wing views. Hang your head in shame. Again all this on campus at UTS
Here Omar is again teaching your children his far left wing views. Hang your head in shame. Again all this on campus at UTS


#Teamaustralia? You are not Team Australia, you’re a vile left wing bigot.  Here is what i call Team Idiot doing a so called blockade at the University. What i don’t understand is the sign. “Firing staff is violence” ? No Omar, violence is your left wing bigots attacking old women attending rallies, Harassing people on campus for being pro Israel is a form of violence. I think the University needs to sack more of these left wing teachers that allow scum like you near our children. University is a place to learn, not a place for you to run a hate campaign. We have contacted the University for an official comment and they advised they are currently investigating this idiot.

Firing Staff Is violence?
Firing Staff Is violence? Omar Hassan your an idiot.

Now we can start to understand why Omar and his thugs on campus attacked a Jewish girl on campus. Your a brave men Omar, attacking women by putting pictures up everywhere calling them murderers. Your racist attitude below is very clear.

Omar Hassan hates Israel and jews.
Omar Hassan hates Israel and jews.

Here Omar admits he is a “Radical Left Wing Bigot”. Using our tax dollars at UTS in Sydney to promote his disgusting views.

Using University equipment to print his left wing bigotry and extremist views
Using University equipment to print his left wing bigotry and extremist views.

Why is this bigot allowed to use University facilities? See below. UTS Tower

Omar Hassan

Here Omar is promoting Violence again. Yet Omar Hassan and his Violent group are actually under investigation for being racists. Hang your head in shame Omar. As for the Fascist comment your the real Fascist.

Against racism but racism against Israel is ok ?
Against racism but racism against Israel is ok ?

Omar wants to get Militant. Stick to attacking old women you coward. Sarah Garnham is another Left wing Bigot. If you have any information about her please email us at

Omar Hassan


Omar's Public Office Number
Omar’s Public Office Number

Contact Sydney University here


Omar does not know what oxymoron means, maybe if you actually studied you would understand the difference.
Omar HassanOmar is now saying he is proud of the violence of his Far Left wing Bigots and states he wants to do the same on July 19th.

Omar Hassan encourages violence
Omar Hassan encourages violence and wants more

Here is Omar Hassan’s sister. Another violent left wing bigot who encourages violence.

Omar HassanMore shocking is the so called student union notes.

Omar HassanBoycott Israel. How about Mecca? Why don’t you boycott them also? It was invaded remember ?

Clearly these people should not be at the university or near any young people. We will continue to monitor this left wing bigot and demand answers from the university as to the use of university facilities to promote Violence and print propaganda.