Anwyn Connors – Left Wing Bigot Communist. Fraudulently getting money from the Salvation Army, A special kind of stupid within the left wing nazi bigots.

Say a big Hello to Left Wing Bigot Nazi Hippy drugo Anwyn Connors. Anwyn finds Reclaim Events Offensive. But what she doesnt find offensive are Islamic terrorists or those nice guys that just want to kill everyone non Islamic. Here she is complaining about an event on Reclaim Canberra. It has the potential to be harmful? But she says nothing about those nice Hizb Ut Tahrir guys that just want Sharia law in Australia and to cut off the heads of anyone who insults islam.

But Lets investigate Anwyn Connors a bit further.


Anwyn thinks its cool to smoke in non smoking area’s. “Stick it to the system?” And no these people don’t have jobs. This is the level of mentality of these people, no wonder they think a religion is a race.


Lets take some money off the Salvation Army fraudulently, who cares about the homeless hey Anwyn Connors.


Medication ? Well 1 is vitamin C and the other Vitamin E. Maybe the others you should stop taking as its fucking you up.


Maybe they were hoping you would die Anwyn. With a dirty thing like you i know i would.


Here we are all not working taking drugs and the tax payer is paying. And if you don’t like it your racist.

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