Anthony Richardson – Neo Fascist Winnie the Poo what race is islam? Left Wing Bigot and Defender of Islam

Say Hi to Anthony Richardson,

Anthony Richardson thinks we are racists and that we need to deport ourselves. So if you don’t subscribe to left wing neo-fascism then get out of the country? I think your the racist. FB Page here


Anthony Richardson calls pro Australians hate groups. I wonder if his work thinks the same? Anthony Richardson says he works at Aussie Built sheds in Melton where Muslims are trying to build a Muslim only enclave. But Anthony Richardson see’s no problem with Islam or the pedophile in it.


Anthony Richardson comes and attacks us with the typical uneducated “your racist” crap spewed from the mind of the leftist dribblers.

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Anthony runs an Unsuccessful blog below. No one wants a house built by a left wing traitorous Neo Fascist bigot like you. Page Here


Anthony Richardson gets his first car……


Now this one explains a few things University of Melbourne. Left Wing Extremist camp in Australia.



Tell me what the Afghan Islamic invaders that have a 90% unemployment rate are doing for our country?


In Short just another Left Wing Bigot Anthony Richardson with no love or loyalty to his country.