Say Hello to a famous troll Pete Smith. Pete Smith is a close friend of the former Anti Bogan writer and now convicted Pedophile Alex Gollan – Source

If you have been attacked by these vile man please email us 

Together these men would attack patriots on-line, call their place of work and harass peoples wives and even children. As we all know now Alex Gollan especially likes the children. Pete Smith FB Profile

Pete Smith lives in Balmian, a very rich area. Not much diversity in this area is there Pete? We did have a picture and his address but Pete complained and got it removed. But Pete loves posting your address online. Anyone who would like to contact Pete please let us know.


Pete Likes to fly around the world in first class and sip champagne whilst he attacks every day patriots and telling Australians we need to take more rapefugees.



Riki Scanlan – The product of Sydney University Left Wing Extremism

Say hi to Riki Scanlan. This is 1 of the first articles we are going to be doing over the coming weeks to expose the extremists at Sydney University. Sydney University have been contacted for a comment but refused to comment.

FB Page here

Riki attends Sydney University which has an extreme left wing faction running the student union and also seems to run the university grounds too. We investigated Riki Scanlan and found has has links to Extremist groups like Blank Panthers and most notable ANTIFA. Riki has expressed his liking of the violent group seen below.


Below photo Riki thinks shooting what he perceives as a fascist is ok. Did he learn this at Sydney university?

Riki the Fascists of the future will be the Anti-Facists

What is more surprising though is this product of Sydney University seems to want to support Islam and Gay rights at the same time. Riki also thinks an ideology is a race. Please Riki don’t breed.

r11 r5




r9 r6

Riki considers himself an activist, an activist that encourages shooting and killing people he disagrees with. And it seems integrity is lacking also from this Left Wing Bigot as he jokes about someone else being blamed for his disgusting antics.




Michael (Golem) Voysey and the 2 trolls wanting his precious – Meet the traitorous 3.

For those who don’t know Michael Voysey he Blames Jewish people for people having an educated view on Islam. If you don’t like Islam your a terrorist. Some People may know of Voysey from earlier days when he sent naked pictures of himself to women and harassed women that didn’t take his advances. Voysey is a coward who was rejected by every patriot group in Australia and now has only a few trolls as supporters and they are left wing bigots and his favourite dogs Diana Rose, Amanda Rose and Indie the Traitor Oliver aka Jolie Norris.



Like any true beta male Michael Voysey surrounds himself with a coven of women. Not only does he hide behind their skirts, but he actively supports and participates in their vulgar mudslinging and attacks, predominately on women within the patriot movement. These attacks invariably involve baseless accusations, ad hominem and critique of a woman’s personal appearance – most un-Australian behaviour.

The most notorious of all the witches in the coven is Diana Rose, who was once a sworn enemy of Indie Rose aka Joelle Norris (known lefty, turncoat and divulger of personal information). In a strange turn of circumstances, purely driven by an envious campaign against those who wish for unity and growth within the patriot movement, the two have teamed up in an effort, it would seem to cause further trouble and wage a personal vendetta against the patriot movement in general. Diana Rose has said repeatedly how much she prides herself on her youthful appearance (stifles laugh), whilst making very critical remarks on the physical appearance of other women. One should note that her profile pictures always seem to try and capture some sort of faded glory, and in which she comes across as a mutton dressed up as a lamb. It would be a safe assumption to make that all of these women are jealous of the community of patriot women from which they have been outcast, due to their vile natures and backstabbing.

Below Diana Rose, lap dog for Michael and on her spare time likes to talk to left wing bigots and give details about patriots away, she does this because she is bored in life as her whole family want nothing to do with her after she cheated with her sisters husband. 


If that wasn’t enough, the afore mentioned parties have sent in double agents with the same agenda to gain details of anyone who disagrees with their spitefulness, which they then pass around in their pathetic little hate group. Members of the coven quite clearly suffer from the most severe cases of cognitive dissonance; these people literally don’t know whether they are left, right or centreline and project this in the form of hatred and vitriol.

You might remember Michael Voysey for his videos that show an obviously inebriated individual, who frequently contradicted himself and had appalling grammar. You might also remember him from the scandal that uncovered countless unsuspecting women within the patriot movement, who were sent indecent pictures from Michael; some of which contained images of his genitalia. The vast majority of patriots, when given evidence by countless sources, immediately wiped their hands of Michael because of his immoral conduct.

Know cohorts and group members to exercise the utmost caution around are:

• Michael Voysey FB LINK –
•Diana Rose FB LINK –
•Indie Rose (goes without saying)
•Melissa Jayne FB LINK –
•Raymond Gordon
•Sandra Guidolin
•Amanda Coad

Please see below screenshots of the extent of vulgarity and abuse from members of the coven.

Amanda Coad aka Amanda Rose, Amanda had kids until they were removed from her

Amanda Coad has sent porno videos and pictures to many men including left wing bigots in her quest to satisfy the empty hole in her head and heart. We have a collection of over 20 pictures she has sent to multiple people however we have decided to not show it all, yet…..

Amanda lives in a trailer park and no ones coming home to her. Amanda likes ice too.



















Melissa Jayne aka Chelsy Evans

Melissa likes to jump on left wing bigot pages and suck up their bigot asse. She has targeted many patriot women and men and even made posts supporting ANTIFA. If you have this rat on your profile then you need to give her the boot. Another Vosey supporter and bloody idiot traitor.



melissa jane

Never Talk to the Left Wing traitors ripping this country apart. These people you are talking to targeted patriots children and worse.

These Rats are nothing but liars and traitors to everyone. Yes we have more, alot more coming soon.

Sait Erzin – Disgusting messages from Islamic thugs supported by Left Wing Bigots. Rapefugees.

Say Hi to Rapefugee Sait Erzin. Sait decided to pm our page and ask to have sex with our mum and if we would suck his dick. This disgusting Islamist says he lives in Melbourne, StKilda. Naturally this is what we have come to expect from the Left Wing Extremists and the Muslims they protect.

Here is Sait Supporting ISIS


See the following screenshots of the verbal sexual assault by this disgusting muslim.






This type of disgusting vulgar language is what we have come to expect of muslims and our Left Wing Bigoted Media and Police wont do anything either. This has all been sent to NSW police.

Here is Sait pretending to be normal. Muslims are always muslims and will never be Australian

sait1 sait

Nice Racist comment above

And Here is Sait endorsing terrorists


Matt Munro – Violent Left Wing Bigot uses disabled people for left wing rallies and attacks patriots.

Say hello to Matt Munro. FB link Here

Matt is a left wing bigot who likes to post patriot address’s online and yell and scream at women. Matt Munro says he is with the Hacker Group Anonymous and also with ANTIFA, the group who targets police with their muslim mates.

But thats not all. Matt also likes to use retarded people and people with disabilities to further his left wing extremist views. MATT111

We came across Matt Munro on he made disgusting comments targeting Neil’s children. Some of them are here.


The above posts we thought warranted some investigation into who Matt Munro is.

So we did some checking. It seems James Munro and Matt have either a Job or some form of association with Chips.


Now this becomes very important because at the anti reclaim rally in Melbourne held in April these violent ANTIFA pigs that attacked women and children and even attacked an old lady, threw horse shit at patriots and even brought disabled and retarded people to the rally that had no idea what they were doing there. See video below.

Chips website is here

Contact details from website Below and facebook page link here


Why are CHIPS even allowing these poor people to be involved with these violent left wing extremists and putting their lifes in danger? Please help and contact CHIPS.

Below is a collection from Matt Munro’s page.

mattox1Ready to attack women and Children with his other gutless coward mates.


Some of Matt’s friends


Matt Munro and his ANTIFA DOGS and NO ROOM FOR RACISM Violent bigots use retarded people to help their cause. To use some of the most vulnerable people in our society as your pawns is disgusting and you should be charged.

These people are also supported by the Greens and the Neo Nazi socialist party






 defending terrorists as disabled people are slaughtered by Muslims, so quick to defend Islam and show just how vile and bigoted they really are.

Jason Tricky and his disgusting wench are at it again. This time as disabled people have been slaughtered by Muslims here they are at the first chance they get trying to defend islam and not a care in the world for the dead people.

If you dont recall Jason Trickey, he is the 3 time women basher who runs and he supports Sharia law so he can legally beat up more women.

Here is their left wing spew below, lets go through this.

  1. The UPF is led by Blair Cottrel who has repeatedly stated he has no nazi ties and has been seen with Jews and Blacks and asian and everyone else, but continue to call him a nazi and they associate with people like the Socialist Alliance who have been charged for Anti-semantic attacks on students at University in Sydney.
  2. Shermon has no ties with Nazi’s either and also has consistently stated that.
  3. Islam supported Hitler and vice versa.
  4. The story has been confirmed they were Muslims
  6. And yes you are fucking idiots and care nothing for the disabled people these bastard terrorists killed. All they care about is Defending islam


Cronulla was not a race riot Islam is not a race you fucking idiot.

Here we have Reg Carmody talking about another mans dick.

We Paul Ryan saying lady who happens to be jewish should take drugs. Thats sounds racists and possibly a NAZI like to me.

They also seem to think all articles are written by 1 person which is very amusing.


Here is Jason Trickey’s partner, the one he hasn’t bashed yet.

We also did a story on her awhile ago, you can see it here

This Cow works as a prostitute and goes by a few different names. We know her as



Here the Left Wing bigot Blames Shermon & Ralph for the article and says they are trying to whip up hate?

A tad confused here, this bigot seems to not care at all about the dead disabled people, and any normal person would naturally be angry that cowards have attacked disabled people. I guess these Muslim lefty bigots just don’t care, just don’t insult Islam.


Funny they come to the defence of Muslims and Islam and say don’t judge all muslims but the actions of a few. But if they see 1 nazi then everyone is a nazi. These left wing bigots are the scum of the earth. are nothing but social Nazi’s and bigots and racists.



Ken Marchingo – Update 08/09/2015 Defamation claims by Ken. Calls Black People Knuckle Draggers, Left Wing Bigot wants more Violent Bigots in Bendigo.

Update 08/09/2015

Our latest story we published yesterday about the left wing Bigot Ken Marchingo has hit a cord with the left wing bigot. Ken Marchingo allegedly has multiple defamation cases against people who speak out about him whilst he sits there and calls everyone else bigots and posts derogatory pictures. Seems like Ken likes to give but can’t take, a typical bigot.

We received an email in regards to a defamation case against us Today. See Below. And see our response under the letter. Rumour has it he is allegedly using tax payers money to fund these cases also.

Ken wants to call everyone a bigot but don’t call him a bigot.

















Our Email Response


What is a Bigot Ken? do you know? Here we put a nice picture of it for you.


Ken posts pictures attacking patriots individually and a group. He also likes Ivory and has pictures of ivory bottle openers. Obviously his solicitor doesn’t know wheat Ken has been up to. But we do, don’t we Ken? And Ken has been a nasty left wing bigot. So go ahead Ken get your solicitors and take us to court. When we show all the print screens of you attacking individuals we will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Go back and share the violent left wing bigots page some more Ken. And just so you remember a second time here you are sharing a picture of a man yelling “if the cops weren’t here they’d be fucked”

And for your solicitor you might want to see the little world symbol next to the 11hrs. This means the post is public not private. YOU LOSE.



Stay Tuned for more….



Ken’s so-called “Haven Home Safe” set-up to provide homeless with housing receives Government grants, we called and spoke to Sue Masters from “Haven Home Safe” who declined to comment on how much $$$ this Left Wing Bigot is pulling from our tax dollars,  but she did confirm that they do receive large amounts from the Government. This man created his this “Haven” business well over a year ago but according to Left Wing Bigot the ABC, Bendigo has over 1000 homeless children. So the question is, where is the money? We will come back to that later.  Homeless article here – 



Ken first raised our interest after sharing posts from the Women basher’s page Jason Trickey the Women Basher and admin story HERE.  Ken calls African’s primitive Knuckle dragging morons raised our concerns. And he thinks it’s too fun? see Below.

Black People are Knuckle Draggers
Black People are Knuckle Draggers

The strange thing here is that Ken is a very big Labor & Greens supporter and hates everything our current government is doing. So lets look at his Labor government and due to the raising concerns and growing Islamic population Female genital mutilation was on the rise. So much so Julia Gillard set up a multi million dollar task force to combat it as the Labor and the Greens let in more and more people from Islamic Countries. And the Australian Taxpayer is paying for it. Seems that Ken Marchingo being the left-wing bigot he is didn’t do his research properly.

Ken Marchingo however wants to focus on how many people were killed due to Islamic Terrorism in Australia only. (see below)

It doesn’t seem to matter to Ken that ASIO and the AFP have managed to stop over 20 terrorist attacks in Australia which together could have resulted in over 100,000 Australians Killed. It also doesn’t matter that since 911 there has been over 26000 terrorist attacks in the world in the name of Islam. Every Attack and how many people were killed is listed here

Left WIng Bigot Ken Marchingo
Left Wing Bigot Ken Marchingo says this is timely ?

So what did Ken do when 2 people were killed due to an Islamic act of terrorism? See Below

Ken supports Islam in the face of 2 Australians murdered
Ken supports Islam in the face of 2 Australians murdered

Ken likes to get photo’s taken with animals in Chains and his friends say that they hope he gets a ride. Cruelty to animals doesn’t seem to rate to high to Ken and his left-wing bigot friends.

Ken supports chaining elephants in Africa
Ken supports chaining elephants in Africa

kensanta kenwar kenwife kenchr kenbig2 kenbig ken3 ken1 ken big

Here we can see Ken supporting the Violent group “No Room For Racism”. At the last rally in Bendigo this group shouted “if the coppers weren’t there you’d be fucked” and they burnt an Australian flag in act of incitement which led to 1 person being charged and fines. Does Ken Marchingo really care or is all about the money?

Our view is that this left wing bigot is clearly uneducated on any facts as mentioned above. He is however a hater of the current government as they cut some funding to these organisations and even makes fun of Christians. Isn’t this racist Ken?

Ken shares his hatred of the government
Ken shares his hatred of the government

No Room for Racism and Antifa – Why they support Islam and the destruction it brings.

My first hand dealings with the group called Antifa (Anarchists aka Anti Fascists) are quite disturbing, the ones i have seen and had the displeasure of meeting are drug induced street scum, and that’s putting it nicely. From putting pictures around the streets calling for the killing of police, the denigration of our streets with the groups disgusting Anti Australian posters and of course the very existence of this vile group and its members. They call themselves Anti-Fascists when in fact they have become the fascists using violence against anyone they disagree with. The main goal of the group is to bring down the very fabric of our country and destroy what the average person calls society. A collection of some of the pictures are below.

Tayce Bianca Brown her fake profile on facebook is Mallory Lash. Antifa Violent bigot. Multiple charges of theft and assault.
Tayce Bianca Brown her fake profile on facebook is Mallory Lash. Antifa Violent bigot. Multiple charges of theft and assault.

Antifa Violent Left Wing Bigots

Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown - violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown – violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown - violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown – violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown - violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown – violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown - violent left wing bigot and racist
Mallory Lash is Tayce Bianca Brown – violent left wing bigot and racist


Here you can see what Antifa did to someone house.
Here you can see what Antifa did to someone house.

This Group encourages violence against police and anyone that disagree with them. They post pictures all over the streets with men in masks holding guns, clearly a form of home grown terrorism. This group has attached themselves with the Socialist Alliance and the so called “No Room for racism” mob.

No Room for Racism group has employed the likes of Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed who has told Australia that in order to stop terrorism in Australia we must stop supporting Israel. Yes that’s right, because we all now the truth about Israel and that is that Muslims want to kill all Jewish people, just like Hitler. The no room for racism violent group attacked anyone they could at recent rallies and burnt Australian flags. They claim that anyone who is white and doesn’t bend at the knees for them is a racist, you can even be racist against so called refugees.

These are 2 groups that say they are against racism but yet are really just a violent drug induced mob that hate Australia and probably themselves also.I am amazed police have not arrested these people. In this day and age why are these people getting away with this and police do nothing?

These groups support Islam because every country that has allowed Islam in, now has so many problems that are directly related to its disgusting ideology that it distracts police and government away from themselves. The funny thing is in every country where Islam took control they turned on these types of groups that tried to protect them.


Jason Edward Trickey Part 2 & The Violent Cow he rode in on Serrefa Safira. Violence Orders, Animal Cruelty and Drugs OMG!!!!

Jason Trickey and his violent bigot of a Girlfriend Serrefa Safira. We spoke with the authorities in Melbourne who advised us Jason Trickey is very well-known to them. He is a serial pest who has a Herion problem and also has fallen to the Ice epidemic. We were advised he pleaded “mental disorder” due to frequent drug use and was given a section 10 and required to attend a rehab center,  they wish he would leave town. However he is so used to stalking so many people he starts thinking everyone is stalking him, (get off the drugs Jason). Below is an order taken out against Jason Edward Trickey by 1 person who asked to rename anonymous. It is alleged Jason has been targeting this individual who actually doesn’t have anything or want anything to do with Jason Trickey. Jason Trickey has posted pictures of Men and even children online for harassment and is harassing so many people, i doubt he can keep up with who is who. We were advised this was served on Jason Trickey by police but that he did not attend court.

Jason also runs the Page Below with over 23,000 people on it and he also uses this to target individuals and his favourite target is vulnerable women. 1 women contact us after last nights story and advised she was contacted by the “Geelong” page and eventually started talking to Jason. He started asking for naked pictures and even sent pics of his genitalia in devices to her. When she tried to cut it off he harassed her to the point she contacted police and an order was placed against Jason back in 2012. The court action Jason is referring to is actually 2 days ago, I assume he has woken from his drug induced slumber and realised after this post what day it is. Link to the page here

Jason Trickeys Geelong.
Jason Trickeys Geelong.

As we dug into Jason’s past we found his failed business’s and all these great titles that he in fact has given himself. Gavin Oliver is actually his children’s names.

Jason2 jason2.1

Well the story only continues for Jason and we are still getting more info about this vile man and his Women bashing and stalking and drug use. Then we found that Jason has a partner, what sort of person would be with a man like this? Meet Serrefa Safira Jasons Trickey’s partner and left-wing bigot and racist . Serrefa Safira hates White people (i guess im going colour blind as she looks white) oh no am i racist? HAHAHAHA she also hates anything that’s democratic, she does love horses though if you go by her Facebook page. But Serrefa Safira has actually been fined by the RSPCA for cruelty to animals. This disgusting left-wing racist bigot is probably a perfect match for her three-time women bashing stalking drug taking anti Australian boyfriend.

Serrefa Safira Violent animal abusing left wing bigot
Serrefa Safira Violent animal abusing left wing bigot

Details from this left-wing Bigots page she describes herself as a Muse (cough cough) and says she is an animal rights activist but yet loves riding horses and has even been fined for cruelty to animals. The hypocrisy is amazing. Also an Anarchist. So a burden on society that wants you to pay for everything whilst she sits and does nothing. 
jason3 jason2.9

Yes I’m sure these Horses above love being rode around and around, especially by (heavy) people.

The Below picture it seems White people are bad but white horses are ok! Oh and I’m sure all these horse love being locked up



This event she is referring to is actually a protest by mums and dads at the EDL in England.

Left Wing Scum attack EDL in England


This is Jason and his Serrefa Safira girlfriend and what she thinks is an ideal crowd. This is what these left wing bigots want

We still have hundreds of more emails and msg’s about these 2 bigots and more is coming in even now as I write this story. I want to thank everyone that have contributed to this story and assisting us verify all of it. We will be making another story for this Left Wing Bigot. Another Left Wing Violent Bigot Exposed……

Jason Edward Trickey – Three Time Women Basher & the Rise of left wing violence. Administrator of

Jason Edward Trickey – Date of birth 23/06/1972 .

We started our investigation by speaking with Jason’s family, who have asked to remain anonymous.  They stated, and I quote,  “We do not know him and want nothing to do with him.” When we asked why, they advised us that he has violent and compulsive tendencies and has a fetish for beating up women and lying.  “It gets him off.” was said by someone yelling in the background when we spoke to Jason’s family.

Jason was bashed after his third female victim was beaten by him.  Sources reported that whilst Jason was in Jail he bragged about bashing a “black” girl and was beaten again in jail.

Jason also robbed his elderly neighbours whilst they were on holiday and afterwards he purchased himself a nice 80cm LCD TV with the stolen funds – Full story here .

One source also advised that this man attacked his flat mate in Geelong one night with a knife and when police attended he ran away.

Jason has 2 children and we managed to talk to the Mother of one of this violent man’s children, who wished to remain anonymous, and she stated that she had Jason Trickey’s name removed off her child’s birth certificate after he violently attacked her and also tried to attack the child.  Jason was later ran out of Mildura for attacking another woman.

Jason runs a large number of pages and stalks, bullies and harrasses innocent people from his pages. A full list is here:

This network of pages which he runs are designed to suck people in as his need for attention to massage his ego grows every day.

Email addresses he uses are &  and his phone number is 0481 340 288
Jason Trickey

Takes Selfie after copping a beat down for bashing women
Takes Selfie after copping a beat down for bashing women

The amount of people this violent person has attacked, including women and children, is mind-blowing and yet he still remains in our community and uses his pages to further stalk and harass women and children online.  The 41-year-old self-styled social media guru and IT consultant criticised police for insufficient resources three years ago when he was attacked at Corio.  What about the women you bashed Jason?

He also admins the Facebook page and website with his violent socialist friends and also has connections to Stephen Jolly, another man who has a lot to answer for when it comes to left wing bigots and the violence they spew onto our Australian streets. & Melbourne Page working together

The 2 posts above show Jason sharing the same article in which he lied and made fake screen shots about. The 2 posts only minutes apart.

Jason tries everyday to hack into other people’s email addresses. One girl advised that he tries everyday at the same exact time to hack her email which would make a normal person think this man is using illegal software or has a lot of time on his hands.

Jason Trickey has aligned himself with Known terrorists and is a terrorist sympathiser with the rest of his left wing bigots at

They have posted the names and addresses online of Australians they don’t like and encourage violence against them.

This intricate story is still unfolding and we will be updating this as more information becomes available.