Franziska Hagan – Left Wing Bigot out of School knows everything when she actually knows nothing. Uneducated Left Wing bigot

Franziska decided to come to our page and start abusing people on our page. The typical Left Wing bigot trying to proclaim they know everything when in fact they know nothing.

First this hateful little bigot called us ignorant small brained people and talked about how small ISIS is, she doesn’t mention at all the 100,000 people murdered by ISIS. She doesn’t mention the last 1400 years of violence in the name of Pisslam aka ISLAM. Franziska also shows her supreme bigotry on referring to Muslims as a minority however knows nothing about how minorities are treated in Islamic countries. Here is a list of the bigots posts on our page.Screenshot_2015-11-25-21-24-59

When faced with facts the left wing bigot starts to say we are preaching hate. Yet we went through her whole page and she says nothing about the Islamic hate preachers in Australia. She says nothing about the terrorists attacks anywhere for that matter. She is only worried about her muslim mates.

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Here Franziska makes a cartoon of Jesus but yet she supports islam and muslims trying to kill people that make cartoons of Muhammed.


And of course she watched Waleed Aly the Islamic left wing terrorist. But no doubt she is still too stupid to have noticed that Waleed Aly has never actually condemned sharia law and certain extremist actions.


Here she thinks ISIS are not going to try and infiltrate other countries. I assume this bigot doesn’t give a shit about the people murdered by ISIS in France.


Fraziska the bigot doesnt care there has been over 27000 terrrorists attacks since 9/11…. Or maybe she just doesnt care. And just an FYI Franziska Hagan, 7% of Germany were Nazi’s, how did that turn out?  And are you trying to justify the murderous cult of today by actions of murderers 100’s of years ago? If you are then you are a bloody idiot.


And if it didnt get worse Franziska is also trying to stick up for gay people (just like a typical brain dead ignorant left wing bigot) but she says nothing about Islams treatment of gay people, nothing about the new muslim party saying they will not take gay people.

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Does this guy know you are a left wing Bigot?