UPDATE – Councillor Peter Marshall – Left Wing Bigot Exposed at Captains Flat Rural Fire Brigade

We did a story early on in the year about this disgusting left wing bigot who target men and women and even children. Original Article is here CLICK HERE

This disgusting pervert of a man wanted to target women and target Neil Erikson’s son in his online bullying and hateful rants.

We contacted police and government contacts as this man is a Greens candidate however as per usual they do nothing.

We have now found out this man is also working for the Captains Flat Rural Fire Brigade.

He is a deputy Captain and treasurer of Captains Flat Rural Fire Brigade of the NSW RFS.

FB page herehttps://www.facebook.com/CaptainsFlatRuralFireBrigade/timeline

Website here http://captainsflat.org/RuralFireBrigade/index.html




Here is Peter from our First Article asking an online hate group group to post pictures of women for online bullying and harassment.



All contacts for the Fire Brigade can be found on there website, including Peter Marshalls number. See below from website.






Jason Edward Trickey Part 2 & The Violent Cow he rode in on Serrefa Safira. Violence Orders, Animal Cruelty and Drugs OMG!!!!

Jason Trickey and his violent bigot of a Girlfriend Serrefa Safira. We spoke with the authorities in Melbourne who advised us Jason Trickey is very well-known to them. He is a serial pest who has a Herion problem and also has fallen to the Ice epidemic. We were advised he pleaded “mental disorder” due to frequent drug use and was given a section 10 and required to attend a rehab center,  they wish he would leave town. However he is so used to stalking so many people he starts thinking everyone is stalking him, (get off the drugs Jason). Below is an order taken out against Jason Edward Trickey by 1 person who asked to rename anonymous. It is alleged Jason has been targeting this individual who actually doesn’t have anything or want anything to do with Jason Trickey. Jason Trickey has posted pictures of Men and even children online for harassment and is harassing so many people, i doubt he can keep up with who is who. We were advised this was served on Jason Trickey by police but that he did not attend court.

Jason also runs the Page Below with over 23,000 people on it and he also uses this to target individuals and his favourite target is vulnerable women. 1 women contact us after last nights story and advised she was contacted by the “Geelong” page and eventually started talking to Jason. He started asking for naked pictures and even sent pics of his genitalia in devices to her. When she tried to cut it off he harassed her to the point she contacted police and an order was placed against Jason back in 2012. The court action Jason is referring to is actually 2 days ago, I assume he has woken from his drug induced slumber and realised after this post what day it is. Link to the page here https://www.facebook.com/geelongvictoria

Jason Trickeys Geelong. https://www.facebook.com/geelongvictoria
Jason Trickeys Geelong.

As we dug into Jason’s past we found his failed business’s and all these great titles that he in fact has given himself. Gavin Oliver is actually his children’s names.

Jason2 jason2.1

Well the story only continues for Jason and we are still getting more info about this vile man and his Women bashing and stalking and drug use. Then we found that Jason has a partner, what sort of person would be with a man like this? Meet Serrefa Safira Jasons Trickey’s partner and left-wing bigot and racist . Serrefa Safira hates White people (i guess im going colour blind as she looks white) oh no am i racist? HAHAHAHA she also hates anything that’s democratic, she does love horses though if you go by her Facebook page. But Serrefa Safira has actually been fined by the RSPCA for cruelty to animals. This disgusting left-wing racist bigot is probably a perfect match for her three-time women bashing stalking drug taking anti Australian boyfriend.

Serrefa Safira Violent animal abusing left wing bigot
Serrefa Safira Violent animal abusing left wing bigot

Details from this left-wing Bigots page she describes herself as a Muse (cough cough) and says she is an animal rights activist but yet loves riding horses and has even been fined for cruelty to animals. The hypocrisy is amazing. Also an Anarchist. So a burden on society that wants you to pay for everything whilst she sits and does nothing. 
jason3 jason2.9

Yes I’m sure these Horses above love being rode around and around, especially by (heavy) people.

The Below picture it seems White people are bad but white horses are ok! Oh and I’m sure all these horse love being locked up



This event she is referring to is actually a protest by mums and dads at the EDL in England.

Left Wing Scum attack EDL in England


This is Jason and his Serrefa Safira girlfriend and what she thinks is an ideal crowd. This is what these left wing bigots want

We still have hundreds of more emails and msg’s about these 2 bigots and more is coming in even now as I write this story. I want to thank everyone that have contributed to this story and assisting us verify all of it. We will be making another story for this Left Wing Bigot. Another Left Wing Violent Bigot Exposed……

Councillor Peter Marshall – Left Wing Bigot Exposed – Online bullying and cyber harassment by an elected councillor, Peter Marshall wants to target women and children

One of the more disturbing articles I have had to write. Here is Councillor Peter Marshall. He works at Palerang Council by day and at night is an online bully who harasses people that don’t agree with his far left wing views.

Pelerang Councillor left wing bigot harrass's people online. Source here: http://www.palerang.nsw.gov.au/council/councillors-palerang/1146612-cr-peter-marshall
Pelerang Councillor left wing bigot harrass’s people online. Source here: http://www.palerang.nsw.gov.au/council/councillors-palerang/1146612-cr-peter-marshall

Peter Marshall has been linked to the Far Left Group Reclaimwhat.net and SlackBastard. He has also been linked to the extreme Far Left Group the AAADL (Australians Against the Australian Defence League) & the Violent Antifa group that vandalise public areas and are more well known for promoting violence against police. Peter Marshall openly admits he is Admin on certain pages but does not say which ones. It is suspected he is a part of the AAADL who were linked to providing information to known Muslim extremists and resulted in an attempted Murder and an attempted abduction. He is also linked to the Anti-Bogan Alex Gollan who has now been charged for Child Porn and Child grooming. Click HERE for full Alex Gollan story.

Peter did you want a medal for not being charged for stalking? YET…

Pelerang Councillor harrasses poeple online
Pelerang Councillor harrasses poeple online

So could this possibly get worse? Yes it does. Below you can see reclaimwhat.net putting up pictures of people for others to cyberbully and mock online. One of which is a picture of a Father and his son. Here you can see Palerang Councillor Peter Marshall engaging in the online bullying of these people, but also adding he wants some women to be put up for others to bully and harass. Just the sort of behaviour we would expect from elected officials.

Peter Marshall online bully and wants to target women
Peter Marshall online bully and wants to target women

I’m not sure who Fay or Kirralie are but i suggest you contact the police asap. Online bullying and cyber harassment by an elected councillor. Could this get worse again? Yes it Does.

The Father found out he was being bullied online and that his son was in the photo of him. Here you can see Councillor Peter Marshall making fun of the disgusting behavior and suggesting the father get his son circumcised. This could be an anti-semitic remark considering some of the pages Peter Marshall frequents which are well known for being anti jewish and openly attack the jewish community. Either way making reference to another man’s son’s genitalia is extremely inappropriate and when its done on an open public page and you can clearly see the son’s father upset Peter Marshall digs in for some more bullying. This man is an elected Councillor, who are these people that voted for this man? This photo was eventually removed by Facebook as it was deemed online harassment. The father advised he has reported this to police.

Peter Marshall online bully makes reference to a child's penis in an effort to harass the father. Disgusting.
Peter Marshall online bully makes reference to a child’s penis in an effort to harass the father. Disgusting.

Peter Marshall is also known to be friends and associates of the socialist alliance. We did a story of one of there senior members who said “pedophiles really care about children” Link to story HERE. Naturally with links to a man who has been charged for child grooming and links to a lady who thinks “pedophiles really care for children” this Father has reason to be worried with people like this taking pictures of his child.

Below is some more alarming posts from Peter Marshall as he thinks Hell is full of Gay people?

Peter Marshall Gays go to Hell?
Peter Marshall Gays go to Hell?
Vote Greens Says online Bully Peter Marshall
Vote Greens Says online Bully Peter Marshall
Online Bully. Left Wing Bigot Peter Marshall
Online Bully. Left Wing Bigot Peter Marshall

We have more stories of harassment by this poisonous man and these also involve more children. These stories will follow once we obtain permission from the parents of the children as this is a sensitive issue.

If you have been harassed by this man please contact the police or us directly at leftwingbigotsexposed@outlook.com

You can also let the council know here http://www.palerang.nsw.gov.au/council/contact-council