Adam Commerford – Left Wing Bigot supports violent “No Room For Racism” & Antifa. Have a look at what he has posted.

After the weekends protests in Bendigo and all around Australia it seems most eyes are on the United Patriots Front. Using Truth as their sword the turnout from what I have seen was huge. The left wing again showed up and attacked people on the streets which was largely unreported by media.

Today we came across Adam Commerford. See Below

We have contacted Bendigo Police and spoke to Senior Constable Randall who said he didn’t care about it.

Bendigo Police can be contacted on (03) 5448 1300

If you have more info about this man please let us know.

Threatens to put people in body bags.
Threatens to put people in body bags.

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Beau Donelly – Not all Muslims are terrorists but 1 Nazi and everyone is a Nazi? Left Wing Bigot reporter exposed.

Beau Donelly is another Left Wing Bigot from The Left Wing “Age” newspaper. Beau’s recent article which took our attention is here

Say Hi to Beau, left-wing bigot reporter was last living in Hawthorn in Melbourne. He currently still resides in Melbourne. Journalist at The Age. Twitter –

Beau Donelly - left wing bigot
Beau Donelly – left-wing bigot

But whats this? Here we have it again,, they can try to say what they want about a mobile icon and fake msg’s but we know the truth and our source is 100%. People are waking up to your left-wing lies and your associates are going down with you and your lies. And it also seems that the Violent Left Wing Bigot Stephen Jolly is actually associated with your left-wing anti-Australian views. exposed again. Violent Left Wing Bigot Stephen Jolly also implicated exposed again. Violent Left Wing Bigot Stephen Jolly also implicated

Beau see’s 1 Nazi and says that a whole organisation known as the UPF is now following Hitler and they are all Nazi’s. But don’t say anything about Islam because you will be racist ? That’s right isn’t it Beau ? So 1 Nazi and everyone is a Nazi but 20’000 + terrorist attacks and not every muslim is a terrorist and Islam is peaceful ?

So we did some more digging on Mr Donelly and it appears he doesn’t like it when people fact check his stories or do any fact checking himself, so we did it for him. Below you can clearly see Beau’s mates saying they plan to stop free speech and democracy by force. Beau doesn’t see this though. But why ?

Beau Donelly doesnt look at the left wing or do any fact checking
Beau Donelly doesn’t look at the left-wing or do any fact checking.

Here is Beau telling someone on twitter to stop fact checking his stories.

Beau Donelly - stop fact checking, maybe you should start Beau.
Beau Donelly – stop fact checking, maybe you should start Beau.

Here is Beau encouraging Drink Driving and taking photo’s of people and posting them online.

Beau Donelly says drink drive and your ok.
Beau Donelly says drink drive and you’re ok.

Beau Donelly also likes to use his position at The Age to attack his electricity provider over a $60+ bill

Uses his position to intimidate his electricity provider.
Uses his position to intimidate his electricity provider.

So here we have a so-called Journalist attacking an organisation because of 1 photo and labelling everyone a Nazi that follows it. Yet he says nothing about the left-wing violence and the left-wing corruption of his counterparts. The truth is coming out and Australians have had enough of the Left WIng Media and its lies.

We contacted Beau for a comment and he declined to comment.

Patrick Hatch – Lies, guns, death threats, stalking and more. Left Wing Bigot works at the age, his online friends include far left wing extremists

Say Hi to Patrick Hatch. His twitter account is here Patrick Hatch Works as a left wing bigotted Journalist  @theage, @BusinessDay and @FinancialReview.

Patrick likes to make up stories about people and politics, these stories include just recently a dangerous story about Guns in public and public safety. Patrick did no investigations into the validity of some outrageous and dangerous claims nor did he investigate the source of these accusations. So we did. After our investigation it didn’t take us long to expose these left wing bigots. Patrick you should be sacked. False accusations about people bringing Guns to a rally and more and the whole time you knew. and the web of lies, incitement and more and the web of lies, incitement and more

It seems and Patrick know each other well and they have used him to spew their hatred and left wing lies and he has used them to sprew his hatred against Australians.

We spoke to UPF and here is our questions and their answers;

Question 1 – You pleaded guilty to harassing a rabbi in April 2014. Why did you commit these crimes?

Reply – It was my intention to create an online comedy podcast, it certainly backfired. Perhaps I underestimated the sensitivity of that particular individual. I was looking at 10 years in prison for a phone call.

Question 2 – Why did you appear in a video with Jim Salem, who has a history of associating with the Nazi party and was convicted of organising an attack with a shotgun on a member of the African National Congress in 1989?

Reply – Salem is a member of this Nation. He ardently denies his involvement in any shotgun attack and I am not in the habit of judging people I hardly know.

Question 3 – Why has the United Patriots Front pledged solidarity with Golden Dawn, a group that has its roots as a violent neo-Nazi organisation?

Reply – I was not aware that Golden Dawn as you say has in roots in violent neo-nazism. If Golden Dawn has been violent in the past then I could only assume they have decided to do what the far-Left Communist gangs have always done.

Question 4 – When considering these facts together, is it possible to come to any conclusion other than that the UPF is an extreme racist and neo-Nazi group?

Reply – You and anybody may come to whatever conclusion you wish regarding our movement, we have one goal we will pursue to whatever end – to resurrect the Aussie spirit and smash the far-Left fear which has held it down for too long.

This is what actual reporting is Patrick Hatch. Not going to your left wing mates at and putting pictures of people’s children up and pictures of people’s homes encouraging muslims to attack them.

I hope everyone emails Fairfax legal here and forward this to them. (03) 8661 1176

Patrick Hatch it’s time to tell the truth.