Traitors Beware – Indie Rose (AKA) Jolie Norris & Jason Milward betray patriots.

Joshua Chamberlain – The left wing bigot and socialist extremists that has attacked patriots wives and children.

Ben Smash – Another left wing bigot extremist who’s friends think paedophiles really care for children. These Left Wing dogs and traitors to Australia have become well known to patriots for the traitors they are. Below is a screen shot taken by 2 patriots who were added to a conversation by Indie Rose Oliver (aka) Jolie Norris and Jason Milward. The 2 patriots that were added to the conversation took a screen shot and left immediately and contacted LWBE. Unfortunately they didn’t stay in the conversation to see what was being said but then again, why would they. These bastards have done nothing but make videos of patriots calling us Nazi’s when its actually them that hate Jews.

See Screen Shot below.



It is always ok to talk to people about Australian Values and to try and get them to understand that Islam is the enemy and loving Australia is not racist, neither is hating islam and the pedophile Mohammed. This conversation was not one of these. As we all know Joshua has attacked old women and gone after patriots over and over. Jason Milward has attacked Shermon Burgees The Great Aussie Patriot over and over. We did not understand why until we seen this.


Here we see Indie now friends with Joshua the women attacker having jokes telling them that certain patriots bloke shit bag left wing bigots and even watching Josh’s video’s attacking Shermon, Ralph, Neil and Blair. Valeria Morich is also in the conversation, a very well known left wing bigot jew hater.

Indie has been removed from UPF and from every patriot group. She has threatened that if we run this story she will go to the media and they will write anything she says. Well go for it, your betrayal is complete.

We Will update this story some more in the coming days.