Pete Schroeder – Neo Facist ANTIFA Left Wing Extremist attacks patriots and trolls facebook calling people “cancer”

Say Hi to Pete Schroeder FB Here

This ANTIFA Newtown Left Wing Neo Facist trolls around on facebook calling people cancer and attacking women. Pete has no problems endorsing Islam and thinks that America and Australia are terrorists. Tough man in all his tattoos but really we think your a coward and nothing but a facebook troll.

Dang Broke the Internet – Pete Schroeder

This confused Little man runs around trolling women that are patriots calling them sluts and making disgusting sexual comments to them.

But what about your female friends Pete Schroeder? do they know what you do?

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See his friends list below and notice the Neo Facists Ted Ant and Peter Grace. These Left Wing extremists have attacked patriots with death threats and more.


NEO FACISTS Play pinball



This bigot can be found hanging around the toilets at Young Henry’s in Newtown


What are you doing to the cat? Sick Man…..


Sydney University, a breeding grounds for terrorism, violence and left wing bigotry. Socialists take control of Sydney University, Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson & Vice Chancellor Michael Spence do nothing.

In our investigations into the violence on our streets and the threats to kill by Omar Hassan and other University students from Sydney University, we tried to understand how these children and young teenagers are being radicalized.

It didn’t take long to uncover that the grounds of the University and even the class rooms are being used by Pro Terrorist group Socialist Alternative. From encouraging violence to attacking police to vandalizing police cars and attacking members from parliament. All of this and more on University of Sydney Campus.

Who is watching all of this? Who is responsible for ensuring the safety of Students on Campus?

Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson & Vice Chancellor Michael Spence. We contacted both who refused to comment. They can be emailed here

These are the people who are overseeing the rise of extremism
These are the people who are overseeing the rise of extremism

Have a look at some of the images below, this group is on campus with our children. All these pictures are on Sydney University Campus.



The man who says to children “JUMP ON THE ZIONISTS FACE” – Video here indoctrinating your children at Sydney University.

sy1 sy2 sy5 sy6 sy7 SY12

Omar Hassan giving praise to a man who attacked 2 police officers in a car. All on campus at Sydney University.


Is this your child?

SY12 SY11 SY9


If all this is not enough here is Omar Hassan organizing his own tours on Sydney University. Encouraging anti government ideas and god knows what else this violent man is saying to new comers on campus. What are the Chancellors doing about this?

sy8 sy4

Said Assoum calls Pauline Hanson a Slut and Facebook thinks it’s ok and won’t remove his comment….

We came across this vile Muslim on Pauline Hanson’s page. His profile is here 

Calling a female a slut on open Facebook would normally result in the comment being removed by Facebook, unless of course your a Muslim saying it and your saying it to Pauline Hanson. We reported his comment, which at this point is still on her page, and within 1 hour Facebook had replied saying it did not violent Facebook standards. So i guess its ok now to call anyone a slut on Facebook?




We looked into Said Assoum who says he works at Woolworths Balmain, we have contacted Woolworths Balmain who refused to comment. Here Said Assoum is calling the British and the Americans murderers, why is he in our country then? Why not go back to your peaceful shit holes in your Islamic countries?


Here he shares his support for Islamic armies that have killed and butchered millions of Christians.


Which one is uglier? its a hard one…….


I Wonder what he is teaching his kids. I guess its ok to treat women like shit and call women sluts.


We found his car.. Wouldn’t you prefer a camel Said Assoum?

sa3And lastly, as normal on a muslims page here is a racist post supporting racism against Israel and Jews.



Riki Scanlan – The product of Sydney University Left Wing Extremism

Say hi to Riki Scanlan. This is 1 of the first articles we are going to be doing over the coming weeks to expose the extremists at Sydney University. Sydney University have been contacted for a comment but refused to comment.

FB Page here

Riki attends Sydney University which has an extreme left wing faction running the student union and also seems to run the university grounds too. We investigated Riki Scanlan and found has has links to Extremist groups like Blank Panthers and most notable ANTIFA. Riki has expressed his liking of the violent group seen below.


Below photo Riki thinks shooting what he perceives as a fascist is ok. Did he learn this at Sydney university?

Riki the Fascists of the future will be the Anti-Facists

What is more surprising though is this product of Sydney University seems to want to support Islam and Gay rights at the same time. Riki also thinks an ideology is a race. Please Riki don’t breed.

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r9 r6

Riki considers himself an activist, an activist that encourages shooting and killing people he disagrees with. And it seems integrity is lacking also from this Left Wing Bigot as he jokes about someone else being blamed for his disgusting antics.