Ken Marchingo – Update 08/09/2015 Defamation claims by Ken. Calls Black People Knuckle Draggers, Left Wing Bigot wants more Violent Bigots in Bendigo.

Update 08/09/2015

Our latest story we published yesterday about the left wing Bigot Ken Marchingo has hit a cord with the left wing bigot. Ken Marchingo allegedly has multiple defamation cases against people who speak out about him whilst he sits there and calls everyone else bigots and posts derogatory pictures. Seems like Ken likes to give but can’t take, a typical bigot.

We received an email in regards to a defamation case against us Today. See Below. And see our response under the letter. Rumour has it he is allegedly using tax payers money to fund these cases also.

Ken wants to call everyone a bigot but don’t call him a bigot.

















Our Email Response


What is a Bigot Ken? do you know? Here we put a nice picture of it for you.


Ken posts pictures attacking patriots individually and a group. He also likes Ivory and has pictures of ivory bottle openers. Obviously his solicitor doesn’t know wheat Ken has been up to. But we do, don’t we Ken? And Ken has been a nasty left wing bigot. So go ahead Ken get your solicitors and take us to court. When we show all the print screens of you attacking individuals we will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Go back and share the violent left wing bigots page some more Ken. And just so you remember a second time here you are sharing a picture of a man yelling “if the cops weren’t here they’d be fucked”

And for your solicitor you might want to see the little world symbol next to the 11hrs. This means the post is public not private. YOU LOSE.



Stay Tuned for more….



Ken’s so-called “Haven Home Safe” set-up to provide homeless with housing receives Government grants, we called and spoke to Sue Masters from “Haven Home Safe” who declined to comment on how much $$$ this Left Wing Bigot is pulling from our tax dollars,  but she did confirm that they do receive large amounts from the Government. This man created his this “Haven” business well over a year ago but according to Left Wing Bigot the ABC, Bendigo has over 1000 homeless children. So the question is, where is the money? We will come back to that later.  Homeless article here – 



Ken first raised our interest after sharing posts from the Women basher’s page Jason Trickey the Women Basher and admin story HERE.  Ken calls African’s primitive Knuckle dragging morons raised our concerns. And he thinks it’s too fun? see Below.

Black People are Knuckle Draggers
Black People are Knuckle Draggers

The strange thing here is that Ken is a very big Labor & Greens supporter and hates everything our current government is doing. So lets look at his Labor government and due to the raising concerns and growing Islamic population Female genital mutilation was on the rise. So much so Julia Gillard set up a multi million dollar task force to combat it as the Labor and the Greens let in more and more people from Islamic Countries. And the Australian Taxpayer is paying for it. Seems that Ken Marchingo being the left-wing bigot he is didn’t do his research properly.

Ken Marchingo however wants to focus on how many people were killed due to Islamic Terrorism in Australia only. (see below)

It doesn’t seem to matter to Ken that ASIO and the AFP have managed to stop over 20 terrorist attacks in Australia which together could have resulted in over 100,000 Australians Killed. It also doesn’t matter that since 911 there has been over 26000 terrorist attacks in the world in the name of Islam. Every Attack and how many people were killed is listed here

Left WIng Bigot Ken Marchingo
Left Wing Bigot Ken Marchingo says this is timely ?

So what did Ken do when 2 people were killed due to an Islamic act of terrorism? See Below

Ken supports Islam in the face of 2 Australians murdered
Ken supports Islam in the face of 2 Australians murdered

Ken likes to get photo’s taken with animals in Chains and his friends say that they hope he gets a ride. Cruelty to animals doesn’t seem to rate to high to Ken and his left-wing bigot friends.

Ken supports chaining elephants in Africa
Ken supports chaining elephants in Africa

kensanta kenwar kenwife kenchr kenbig2 kenbig ken3 ken1 ken big

Here we can see Ken supporting the Violent group “No Room For Racism”. At the last rally in Bendigo this group shouted “if the coppers weren’t there you’d be fucked” and they burnt an Australian flag in act of incitement which led to 1 person being charged and fines. Does Ken Marchingo really care or is all about the money?

Our view is that this left wing bigot is clearly uneducated on any facts as mentioned above. He is however a hater of the current government as they cut some funding to these organisations and even makes fun of Christians. Isn’t this racist Ken?

Ken shares his hatred of the government
Ken shares his hatred of the government

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