Allen Rudd Left Wing Bigot attacks patriots and women online

Say Hello to Allen Rudd, Allen likes to troll the internet and send threatening msg’s to Patriots in Australia.



We have been contacted by numerous women and some men that have advised of disgusting msg’s sent to them from this man. He attacks them if they are Christians or patriots. He has also shared online his love for the most Satanic Band in the world. Deicide (seen below) have been banned from some countries due to there satanic beliefs and demonic lyrics.



Allen came to our attention by calling us bigots online. This was the same night a terror attack in France seen 2 muslims kill a priest and Allen says its not all muslims.

Allen Rudd is one of the people you can blame for allowing more refugees into your country and also you can blame Allen when these rapefugees rape or murder people. But its not there fault is it Allen.


Allen Leave the kid Alone

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