Matt Munro – Violent Left Wing Bigot uses disabled people for left wing rallies and attacks patriots.

Say hello to Matt Munro. FB link Here

Matt is a left wing bigot who likes to post patriot address’s online and yell and scream at women. Matt Munro says he is with the Hacker Group Anonymous and also with ANTIFA, the group who targets police with their muslim mates.

But thats not all. Matt also likes to use retarded people and people with disabilities to further his left wing extremist views. MATT111

We came across Matt Munro on he made disgusting comments targeting Neil’s children. Some of them are here.


The above posts we thought warranted some investigation into who Matt Munro is.

So we did some checking. It seems James Munro and Matt have either a Job or some form of association with Chips.


Now this becomes very important because at the anti reclaim rally in Melbourne held in April these violent ANTIFA pigs that attacked women and children and even attacked an old lady, threw horse shit at patriots and even brought disabled and retarded people to the rally that had no idea what they were doing there. See video below.

Chips website is here

Contact details from website Below and facebook page link here


Why are CHIPS even allowing these poor people to be involved with these violent left wing extremists and putting their lifes in danger? Please help and contact CHIPS.

Below is a collection from Matt Munro’s page.

mattox1Ready to attack women and Children with his other gutless coward mates.


Some of Matt’s friends


Matt Munro and his ANTIFA DOGS and NO ROOM FOR RACISM Violent bigots use retarded people to help their cause. To use some of the most vulnerable people in our society as your pawns is disgusting and you should be charged.

These people are also supported by the Greens and the Neo Nazi socialist party










ANONYMOUS VIOLENT BIGOTS and FACISTS – Billy and his tuff mates that wear masks and use violence to stop your opinion.




Today I seen a post on a UPF page from this tuff guy called Billy. So tuff he wears ANON masks everywhere.

In the post he stated the following

“Discrimination to any fellow anonymous brother or sister is not appreciated. we will kindly ask you please STOP with your constant miss informing propaganda about our brothers and sisters in your pictures, videos and posts this will not be requested again”

We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

So lets break this down for these morons.

Discrimination to any fellow anonymous brother or sister is not appreciated. – But they can Discriminate against anyone they like? Sounds like fascism to me.

We do not forgive, We do not forget – But they will say nothing about all the murders by islamists. Seems they do forgive and forget if your a muslim.

I am sick to death of these idiots thinking they are so smart when really they are uneducated close minded violent fascist bigots. They call everyone a NAZI yet they are the ones who hate ISRAEL and JEWS.

Billy and his so called ANON mates think ISLAM is a race. Lets take a look at Billy boy’s timeline. Firstly below we see the same lefty crap that these bigots believe, “NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PROPHET”

This just shows you these left wing bigots know nothing, Mohammed was a paedophile, he murdered and ordered the killings and beheadings over countless people ,raped and encouraged rape of his victims, he had slaves the list goes on and on. NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PROPHET?? THEY ARE YOUR BLOODY PROPHET YOU IDIOTS.


Here is Billys profile, obviously a fake name because they are so unafraid.


Here is Billy supporting another violent jobless flag burning bigot, this idiot was at the Bendigo rally screaming “if the coppers weren’t here they’d be fucked” these violent bigots are not reported in the media for some reason though. These social nazi’s are the real racists in our country.

anon5 anon3They all wear masks. So strong of you bigots to wear masks.


Here is Anonymous Bill boy calling UPF nazi’s. And we have a full list of names of all the other bigots that attended with Billy the tuff Anonymous guy



We have a full list of all his friends which i’m sure are all associated with Anonymous and the social nazi attitude these bigots spew on our streets

anon13 anon12 anon11 anon10 anon9 anon8 anon7