Jason Edward Trickey – Three Time Women Basher & the Rise of left wing violence. Administrator of Reclaimwhat.net

Jason Edward Trickey – Date of birth 23/06/1972 .

We started our investigation by speaking with Jason’s family, who have asked to remain anonymous.  They stated, and I quote,  “We do not know him and want nothing to do with him.” When we asked why, they advised us that he has violent and compulsive tendencies and has a fetish for beating up women and lying.  “It gets him off.” was said by someone yelling in the background when we spoke to Jason’s family.

Jason was bashed after his third female victim was beaten by him.  Sources reported that whilst Jason was in Jail he bragged about bashing a “black” girl and was beaten again in jail.

Jason also robbed his elderly neighbours whilst they were on holiday and afterwards he purchased himself a nice 80cm LCD TV with the stolen funds – Full story here .

One source also advised that this man attacked his flat mate in Geelong one night with a knife and when police attended he ran away.

Jason has 2 children and we managed to talk to the Mother of one of this violent man’s children, who wished to remain anonymous, and she stated that she had Jason Trickey’s name removed off her child’s birth certificate after he violently attacked her and also tried to attack the child.  Jason was later ran out of Mildura for attacking another woman.

Jason runs a large number of pages and stalks, bullies and harrasses innocent people from his pages. A full list is here:

This network of pages which he runs are designed to suck people in as his need for attention to massage his ego grows every day.

Email addresses he uses are geelongfb@gmail.com & jasonetrickey@gmail.com  and his phone number is 0481 340 288
Jason Trickey

Takes Selfie after copping a beat down for bashing women
Takes Selfie after copping a beat down for bashing women

The amount of people this violent person has attacked, including women and children, is mind-blowing and yet he still remains in our community and uses his pages to further stalk and harass women and children online.  The 41-year-old self-styled social media guru and IT consultant criticised police for insufficient resources three years ago when he was attacked at Corio.  What about the women you bashed Jason?

He also admins the Facebook page and website Reclaimwhat.net with his violent socialist friends and also has connections to Stephen Jolly, another man who has a lot to answer for when it comes to left wing bigots and the violence they spew onto our Australian streets.

Reclaimwhat.net & Melbourne Page working together

The 2 posts above show Jason sharing the same article in which he lied and made fake screen shots about. The 2 posts only minutes apart.

Jason tries everyday to hack into other people’s email addresses. One girl advised that he tries everyday at the same exact time to hack her email which would make a normal person think this man is using illegal software or has a lot of time on his hands.

Jason Trickey has aligned himself with Known terrorists and is a terrorist sympathiser with the rest of his left wing bigots at reclaimwhat.net

They have posted the names and addresses online of Australians they don’t like and encourage violence against them.

This intricate story is still unfolding and we will be updating this as more information becomes available.