Jason Millward – Left Wing bigot traitor left his wife when she had cancer and attacked women that he womenized and assaulted.



If you haven’t heard of this guy his name is Jason Millward. FB link HERE

Jason has 2 children to his X Partner Tracy (last name removed to protect her). Tracy advised how she was diagnosed with Cancer during their relationship and Jason Millward left her and their 2 children behind. We spoke briefly with Tracy and the family have next to nothing to do with him. They also advised their was a protection order in place but did not want to go into details.

Now Jason is calling Australia day Invasion day and attacking patriots with his new vile leftwing bigot extremists, and has even sided with Joshua Chamberlain the man that attacks old women.

After we made a video about this germ some of Jason Millwards victims contacted us and below are screen shots. For the protection of the women we have removed the names.

Victim 1

Here you can see an earlier txt msg to victim 1 and a later msg after he tried to womanise this lady. This goes to the character of this bastard that attacks women.


Below you can see some of the sleazy txt msg’s from this pervert on victim 1, she clearly does not welcome these sleazy advances but that doesn’t stop Jason Millward.


hidsleezy hidsleezy2

The below txt msgs were sent after we exposed what he had done to his x partner that had cancer. He immediately started sending txt’s to numerous girls threatening him. If it was not true Jason why get so angry? Truth hurts……


hid1 hid2

Its amazing how some men will threaten women. This is a type of assault Jason Millward and i hope the police visit you soon.


Victim 2

This lady was harassed by Jason Millward and she has now gone to police.


Jason is threatening to release private photo’s of 1 victim. He is using Team Idiots page to launch these attacks on these women.

txt1nad txt2nad

Threatening women some more, such a tough guy. No wonder you joined the left wing bigots.

txt5nad This poor lady has contacted police and has blocked him on FB and on her phone as he will not stop harassing her.

We have more txts from another 2 women however they asked if we would hold off until they go to the police. These women are scared of this man and he continues to attack them and threaten them.