Michael Voysey and Raymond Gordon support Flag burners and attack patriots. No real Australian stands by and watches the Australian Flag be burned.

Michael Voysey and his gang of reprobates – When ego gets in the way of the cause traitors join in with left wing bigots to attack Aussie patriots

Michael Voysey jr

It all started when Jon Ritzheimer planned a global rally and Britain First and United Patriots Front signed up to organise a global rally on 10/10. Up until then Voysey and his gang of reprobates had been chipping away at patriot’s reputations and attacking UPF behind the scenes. Instead of joining in to help UPF patriots promote their global rally Voysey immediately tried to hijack the global rally and claim the credit for all the hard work UPF had put in over the weeks organising the rally to fit in with global patriots. However Jon Ritzheimer had made it clear that he had negotiated with United Patriots Front and not Voysey for the Australian global rally in a video dated 12 August 2015. John made a video and condemned Voysey and his lies and in turn Michael Voysey started calling Jon an extremist. Anyone is an extremist who is not on Voysey’s side.


As you see Melissa Jayne say here she and the Voysey gang believe that it was Voysey who organised the global rally despite the fact that Jon Ritzheimer claiming it was UPF in August.


It was then that the attacks intensified from Voysey’s reprobate gangs!

Voysey’s reprobate gang – Amanda Coad (also known as Amanda Rose and Fanny Hills), Diana Rose, Angelina Nic (Also known as Angelina Nicolis), Chelsy Evans, Melissa Jayne and others.

Meanwhile two young women informed patriot admin that Voysey had sent them pictures of his pecker and hit on them. The pictures have been retained that these girls showed admin but we won’t post them here no one really wants to see Voysey’s pecker including the young girls and the admin this was reported to.

Voysey set up a page to slander UPF and other Aussie patriots:



You can see below a string of screen shots from Raymond Gorden and Michael Voysey, they say they are going to setup fake pages and profiles to attack and slander real patriots, all because they are nothing short of traitors and dogs themselves. Raymond Gordon tries to defend flag burners and attack Ralph. FYI Raymond Buddy Rojeck was not there, you would know this if you ever did anything other than sit behind a keyboard and a fake profile. Coward….

Raymond Gordon FB https://www.facebook.com/raymond.gordon.961?fref=ts


Below is 1 page these fake patriots have set up to harrass patriots and even consort with Muslims to do it.


“Lose there minds when a flag is burned” comment by Raymond Gordon, Buddy Rojeck was not even there.


Michael Voysey attacking a female patriot that is friends with real patriots. Michael admitting he is going to create fake pages and posts.



Michael has a well known history of attacking women and sending naked photo’s to them. All supported by these other so called women. Hang your heads in shame you are nothing but left wing appeasers and a skid mark to the cause. We have hundreds of screenshots of these women attacking patriots and consorting with the left.