Said Assoum calls Pauline Hanson a Slut and Facebook thinks it’s ok and won’t remove his comment….

We came across this vile Muslim on Pauline Hanson’s page. His profile is here 

Calling a female a slut on open Facebook would normally result in the comment being removed by Facebook, unless of course your a Muslim saying it and your saying it to Pauline Hanson. We reported his comment, which at this point is still on her page, and within 1 hour Facebook had replied saying it did not violent Facebook standards. So i guess its ok now to call anyone a slut on Facebook?




We looked into Said Assoum who says he works at Woolworths Balmain, we have contacted Woolworths Balmain who refused to comment. Here Said Assoum is calling the British and the Americans murderers, why is he in our country then? Why not go back to your peaceful shit holes in your Islamic countries?


Here he shares his support for Islamic armies that have killed and butchered millions of Christians.


Which one is uglier? its a hard one…….


I Wonder what he is teaching his kids. I guess its ok to treat women like shit and call women sluts.


We found his car.. Wouldn’t you prefer a camel Said Assoum?

sa3And lastly, as normal on a muslims page here is a racist post supporting racism against Israel and Jews.