Pete Schroeder – Neo Facist ANTIFA Left Wing Extremist attacks patriots and trolls facebook calling people “cancer”

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This ANTIFA Newtown Left Wing Neo Facist trolls around on facebook calling people cancer and attacking women. Pete has no problems endorsing Islam and thinks that America and Australia are terrorists. Tough man in all his tattoos but really we think your a coward and nothing but a facebook troll.

Dang Broke the Internet – Pete Schroeder

This confused Little man runs around trolling women that are patriots calling them sluts and making disgusting sexual comments to them.

But what about your female friends Pete Schroeder? do they know what you do?

PS5 ps7

See his friends list below and notice the Neo Facists Ted Ant and Peter Grace. These Left Wing extremists have attacked patriots with death threats and more.


NEO FACISTS Play pinball



This bigot can be found hanging around the toilets at Young Henry’s in Newtown


What are you doing to the cat? Sick Man…..