Michael (Golem) Voysey and the 2 trolls wanting his precious – Meet the traitorous 3.

For those who don’t know Michael Voysey he Blames Jewish people for people having an educated view on Islam. If you don’t like Islam your a terrorist. Some People may know of Voysey from earlier days when he sent naked pictures of himself to women and harassed women that didn’t take his advances. Voysey is a coward who was rejected by every patriot group in Australia and now has only a few trolls as supporters and they are left wing bigots and his favourite dogs Diana Rose, Amanda Rose and Indie the Traitor Oliver aka Jolie Norris.



Like any true beta male Michael Voysey surrounds himself with a coven of women. Not only does he hide behind their skirts, but he actively supports and participates in their vulgar mudslinging and attacks, predominately on women within the patriot movement. These attacks invariably involve baseless accusations, ad hominem and critique of a woman’s personal appearance – most un-Australian behaviour.

The most notorious of all the witches in the coven is Diana Rose, who was once a sworn enemy of Indie Rose aka Joelle Norris (known lefty, turncoat and divulger of personal information). In a strange turn of circumstances, purely driven by an envious campaign against those who wish for unity and growth within the patriot movement, the two have teamed up in an effort, it would seem to cause further trouble and wage a personal vendetta against the patriot movement in general. Diana Rose has said repeatedly how much she prides herself on her youthful appearance (stifles laugh), whilst making very critical remarks on the physical appearance of other women. One should note that her profile pictures always seem to try and capture some sort of faded glory, and in which she comes across as a mutton dressed up as a lamb. It would be a safe assumption to make that all of these women are jealous of the community of patriot women from which they have been outcast, due to their vile natures and backstabbing.

Below Diana Rose, lap dog for Michael and on her spare time likes to talk to left wing bigots and give details about patriots away, she does this because she is bored in life as her whole family want nothing to do with her after she cheated with her sisters husband. 


If that wasn’t enough, the afore mentioned parties have sent in double agents with the same agenda to gain details of anyone who disagrees with their spitefulness, which they then pass around in their pathetic little hate group. Members of the coven quite clearly suffer from the most severe cases of cognitive dissonance; these people literally don’t know whether they are left, right or centreline and project this in the form of hatred and vitriol.

You might remember Michael Voysey for his videos that show an obviously inebriated individual, who frequently contradicted himself and had appalling grammar. You might also remember him from the scandal that uncovered countless unsuspecting women within the patriot movement, who were sent indecent pictures from Michael; some of which contained images of his genitalia. The vast majority of patriots, when given evidence by countless sources, immediately wiped their hands of Michael because of his immoral conduct.

Know cohorts and group members to exercise the utmost caution around are:

• Michael Voysey FB LINK – https://www.facebook.com/michelle.spades?fref=ts
•Diana Rose FB LINK – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008259491714&fref=ts
•Indie Rose (goes without saying)
•Melissa Jayne FB LINK – https://www.facebook.com/MJ.77985?fref=ts
•Raymond Gordon
•Sandra Guidolin
•Amanda Coad

Please see below screenshots of the extent of vulgarity and abuse from members of the coven.

Amanda Coad aka Amanda Rose, Amanda had kids until they were removed from her

Amanda Coad has sent porno videos and pictures to many men including left wing bigots in her quest to satisfy the empty hole in her head and heart. We have a collection of over 20 pictures she has sent to multiple people however we have decided to not show it all, yet…..

Amanda lives in a trailer park and no ones coming home to her. Amanda likes ice too.



















Melissa Jayne aka Chelsy Evans

Melissa likes to jump on left wing bigot pages and suck up their bigot asse. She has targeted many patriot women and men and even made posts supporting ANTIFA. If you have this rat on your profile then you need to give her the boot. Another Vosey supporter and bloody idiot traitor.



melissa jane

Never Talk to the Left Wing traitors ripping this country apart. These people you are talking to targeted patriots children and worse.

These Rats are nothing but liars and traitors to everyone. Yes we have more, alot more coming soon.

UPDATE – Traitors Beware – Indie Rose Oliver aka Jolie Norris thanks left wing extremists and terrorists.

Earlier tonight we exposed Jolie Norris and fuckwit Jason Milward for being traitors and consorting with the left wing bigots and women bashers.

Could it get worse? yes it does.

Below the Women basher, rapist, elderly basher, and terrorist Joshua Chamberlain made a post on his left wing bigot page to try and protect his 2 traitors Indie Rose and Jason Milward. But guess who comments? Zacky Mallah, wife better and Australian hater, sharia law lover and Muslim extremist. And Indie Rose aka Jolie Norris is ok with this and comments below. You fucking traitor. Convert to islam and get what you want so bad.



Here is the full conversation below.

jo3 jo2 jo1


How dare you consort with this bastards and Australian haters.